October 30, 2020
Hilde Osland Puts On A Busty Show In Cupped Pink Bikini Top & Overalls

Hilde Osland put on a busty show when she flaunted her eye-popping cleavage in a cupped pink bikini top and a pair of overalls for a brand-new Instagram update. The Norwegian knockout dropped the jaws of her 3.7 million followers as she served up steamy looks for the camera.

In the sexy shots, Hilde looked hotter than ever.

The swimwear top boasted a deep neckline that showed off her massive cleavage while putting her muscled arms and shoulders on full display.

She also sported a pair of denim overalls. She left one strap unbuckled so that her chest was fully exposed in the shots. The bottoms fit snugly around her petite waist and clung to her curvy hips.

Hilde, who opted to go barefoot in the pics, accessorized the look with gold jewelry. She wore a chain around her neck with a matching bracelet on her wrist. She added gold hoop earrings as well.

The final touch was a light pink baseball cap, which she wore backwards on her head.

In the first photo, Hilde sat on a large rock formation at the beach. She had one knee bent and both of her hands resting at her sides. She leaned forward and tilted her head while sporting a huge smile on her face.

The second shot featured her with her head turned to the side as she looked away from the lens. In the background, the white sand beach and stunning ocean could be seen. A bright blue sky was also visible overhead.

She geotagged her location as North Beach, Australia.

Hilde wore her long, blond hair parted in the middle. The locks were separated into two pigtails, which she had braided over her shoulders.

Hilde's followers appeared to be delighted by the photos. The post collected more than 10,000 likes within the first 14 minutes after it went live on the platform. Her admirers also left 150-plus messages during that time.

"So beautiful amazing girl," one follower stated.

"You'd make Polaroid pictures look professional," another declared.

"Beautiful pictures. Absolutely gorgeous," a third comment read.

"There's only beautiful pictures of you!!" a fourth user wrote.

The model never seems to disappoint when it comes to putting a smile on the faces of her followers with her racy snapshots.

Earlier this week, Hilde grabbed the attention of her supporters when she posed in a tangerine-colored lace lingerie set while sitting on her bed. To date, that post has been liked more than 163,000 times and has pulled in 1,700-plus comments.