October 30, 2020
Yaslen Clemente Rocks Skimpy Swimsuit & Bunny Ears In Provocative Video

Model Yaslen Clemente appears to be gearing up for Halloween. Her latest Instagram post saw her rocking a sexy bathing suit teamed with a pair of bunny ears and a fluffy tail to make it fitting for costume season.

Yaslen's swimsuit was from her line, Bikinis by Yas. The top half was a light gold color and the bottom was a pale shade of pink. The revealing one-piece flashed about as much skin as any bikini. The front featured two strips of fabric that crisscrossed over her chest and wrapped around her neck. The bottom portion of the swimsuit had a low-rise front and high-cut legs, creating a sexy thong.

The model's bunny ears were made from a tulle fabric and attached to a headband. The tail was a classic white pouf that appeared to be clipped to the back of her swimsuit.

Yaslen completed the sultry look with a pair of half-finger lace gloves.

Dozens of Yaslen's 2.3 million Instagram followers had plenty to say about the titillating costume.

"Ridiculously gorgeous omg a masterpiece," gushed one admirer.

"Wow superb fantastic shape lovely gorgeous girl shape good energy," a second comment read.

"Such a cute little bunny," quipped a third fan.

"Can't get enough of u," wrote a fourth follower.

The post was presented in video format. Part of the clip saw Yalsen sitting on a white fur stool. She ran her hands seductively over her thighs, hips, and breasts while giving the camera sultry looks in between flirty smiles. She ran her hands through her hair before raising her arms over her head and arching her back. The model then spread her legs slightly while the camera zoomed in, giving her fans a nice look at her flat abs and voluptuous chest.

The video then cut to the beauty facing the camera while standing. Yaslen sashayed toward the lens before moving her hips from side to side in a provocative fashion. She blew a kiss before the clip cut to showing her from behind while she flaunted her derrière in the skimpy swimwear. With one hip cocked to the side, she showcased not only her cheeks but her toned thighs. She flashed a big smile before the show ended.

Yaslen does not seem to mind showcasing her body in skimpy outfits. Just last week, she shared an update that saw her flaunting her booty in a thong while she kneeled on a sand beach as she enjoyed some time near the ocean.