Christie Brinkley Isn't A Fan Of That Photoshopped Poster For 'The Heat'

Christie Brinkley is one of many people who were taken aback by the heavily-photoshopped poster for the upcoming Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy comedy The Heat.

The 59-year-old model was clearly shocked by the alterations made to McCarthy's face and neck on the poster. The artwork was changed to the point that the Mike & Molly star doesn't look much like herself.

Christie Brinkley told the folks at Entertainment Tonight that she's been on the receiving end of retouches during her career. However, the model said it was strange for Melissa McCarthy's picture on The Heat poster to be altered since they won't do the same thing in the movie.

"I think it's kind of weird to do that with actors because obviously you can't Photoshop a movie and you're going to be seeing the actors as they are in the movie," she explained.

Brinkley continued, "You get to know actors, and you just love them the way they are. We all love Melissa McCarthy just the way she is."

The model said this sort of photoshopping ultimately sends a very bad message. It also perpetuates the stereotype that Hollywood actresses have to be a certain size to enjoy mainstream success.

"Everything gives the message [that] it's not okay to be old, it's not okay to be fat, it's not okay to have any imperfections. I wish that there was some way we could change that," Christie Brinkley explained.

The model recently made an appearance at the SoFo Rocks fundraising event at the South Fork Natural History Museum in Bridgehampton. Brinkley took a moment during the festivities to hit the decks with DJ Phresh. You can find a tweet featuring her on the wheels of steel below.

Here's the photoshopped poster for The Heat that's been making the rounds.

The Heat Poster

Are you a fan of Christie Brinkley? Do you agree with the model's thoughts on the controversial poster for Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy's The Heat?

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