October 30, 2020
Christina Aguilera Rocks Silky Black Robe & Gives Tour Of Her Spooky Halloween 'Fun House'

Christina Aguilera gave her fans a peek inside her creepy "Fun House" in an Instagram video she described as "Cribs: Halloween Edition."

The singer dressed appropriately and comfortably for the spooky tour in a black satin robe with a belt tied around the waist to show off her hourglass curves. Her platinum blond hair was blown out, straightened, and slicked back away from her face. Her silky locks reached all the way down to her butt and swished behind her as she sashayed through her home.

The video began with a look at Christina's front porch. Pumpkins lined the sides of her steps, but instead of being carved, they were painted white with garish clown faces. They greeted visitors with sinister black smiles, and tufts of orange hair decorated the top of each scary squash.

A wooden arch painted with classic jack-o'-lanterns decorated the doorway, and another creepy clown appeared to hover above it. A breeze added to the effect by blowing his tattered red robe. Two of his smaller companions stood on the porch, ready to trick treat seekers with their realistic appearances.

Christina opened the door to welcome viewers inside, where her foyer was packed with decorations. The denizens of the dark hanging out inside her home included a witch and a trio of seated skeletons with musical instruments. A grim reaper in a black hood guarded an arched hallway.

A set of French doors had The Nightmare Before Christmas characters Jack Skellington and Sally painted on them, along with a waving alien. Christina opened one of the doors and took her fans outside, where the "Haunted Heart" singer hopped on a golf cart and gave a few skeletons a ride.

There were more characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas outside, including an inflatable Oogie Boogie. Small ghouls played on a moving seesaw, and Beetlejuice hung out on the sidewalk. A killer clown also showed off his prize: a scowling severed head.

Christina's tour included a few shots of what her decorations looked like at night. Lights in an array of bright colors covered her trees and bushes, and a purple spotlight shone on a skeletal horse pulling a carriage with a similarly skinless driver rocking a top hat. A headless knight with a sword stood in front of the steed.

The clip concluded with a shot of Christina standing on a balcony and blowing her fans a dramatic kiss. A huge ghoul with a gray face and dark robes hung from the roof, menacingly holding its bony hands out toward her.

The soundtrack Christina chose for her video was a remix of one of her own songs with a spooky vibe, "Birds of Prey," from her sixth studio album, Bionic.

Her creepy version of Cribs was a hit with her Instagram followers.

"Now this is how a true diva does it," gushed one fan in the comments section.

"Gorgeous rich spooky legend," another message read.

"Queen of Halloween," declared a third admirer.