October 30, 2020
Jessie James Decker Soaps Up And Drinks Wine In New Bathtub Selfie

Jessie James Decker shared a hot new photo to her Instagram feed on Thursday, October 29. The 32-year-old posed in a bathtub in the new image, completely surrounded by bubbles. Jessie wore her newly styled hair tied back in the snapshot, keeping it just out of the water which came up to her shoulders. Her arms and knees popped out from the surface and were covered in soapy suds. More importantly, Jessie held a large glass of white wine up to her lips, looking very ready to take a sip.

Behind the mother-of-three were a few bathroom decorations and lit candles, perfectly setting the mood for a soak in the tub. In the caption, Jessie joked that she was thinking about all of her responsibilities as she promoted her newest venture, Stay Gold Wine. Jessie noted that the launch was supposed to happen next week but her inventory came in earlier than she was expecting and she was eager to get it out to her fans so she put it up for sale early, with limited stock.

Over on Stay Gold's Instagram page, Jessie posed in the tub for another photo that was more revealing than the first. The second bathtub shot was taken from above, as opposed to from the side. You can view this post here.

Jessie smiled and kicked her legs and arms out of the bathtub while still holding on to her glass of wine. The bubbles were positioned strategically around the "Wanted" singer's chest, making sure she didn't reveal too much to visitors of Stay Gold's Instagram page.

The sexy new pics got a lot of love from Jessie's 3.3 million followers. In under half an hour, her post brought in over 10,000 likes and had dozens of comments from fans wondering where to purchase the wine. Others just wanted to comment on the nature of the hot pic in general.

"You are my spirit animal," one fan wrote beneath the photo.

"Your such a very realistic woman, wife, and mother," another added.

"You look beautiful as usual Jess!!!" a third admirer gushed.

Several commenters began tagging their friends, letting them know they had to order Jessie's new wine as soon as possible and girl's nights were subsequently planned in great detail.

In addition to the plethora of comments, there was also a multitude of emoji floating around. Several fans opted to leave the wine emoji, while others used the heart-eye smiley face and different colored hearts.