Pizza Delivery Driver Carjacked, Delivers Pizza On Foot Before Calling Police

A pizza delivery driver in Atlanta heroically completed his duties after he was carjacked, delivering his pizza on foot before reporting the crime to cops.

The unnamed driver, who works for Papa John’s, was stepping out of his car on April 9 as a pair of gunmen approached. After the two criminals drove off with his vehicle, the driver was left alone with his pizza, reports The Associated Press.

While most of us would have blubbed all the way to the nearest police station, this hardy soul took the time to deliver the pizza still in his hands and accept payment. Because, hey, why ruin the evenings of two people?

It was only then that our hero fled the scene to file an incident report with police. Curiously, police sources noted the driver asked not to be dropped off at work; according to reports, he preferred to tell his boss at a later time “so he wouldn’t be fired.”

Hell knows who fires somebody for being carjacked; surely a promotion would be more in order? But then again, I hear Papa John’s isn’t the most sympathetic company to the plight of its workers. And let’s not forget the time Pizza Hut demoted a driver after he dared to defend himself from thieves. The audacity…

Also, delivering pizza is apparently a lot more dangerous than we realize!

What do you think of the pizza delivery man’s actions? Selfless heroism or ill-advised recklessness? Sound off in the comments!