Emme Rylan Opens Up To 'General Hospital' Fans Amid Rumors She's Been Let Go From The Show

Stacy Carey

Earlier this week, reports emerged suggesting that General Hospital cast members Emme Rylan (Lulu Spencer) and William deVry (Julian Jerome) had been let go. In a Thursday afternoon series of Instagram stories, Emme updated her followers on the situation as much as she could.

Emme explained right away that she had to be careful in what she said about the situation. She noted that she loved all her followers and had really appreciated all of the messages of love and support.

She couldn't confirm or deny the rumors about her possible General Hospital exit. However, based on what she did say, it did sound as if her life is about to change in some major ways.

"I am not in a position to be able to comment on the work stuff. So in terms of General Hospital, I'm going to keep that topic quiet," Emme detailed.

The day after the General Hospital rumors emerged, Emme shared a sweet photo on her Instagram page. It showed her being hugged by her husband, Don. and their three children, and her caption mentioned having had a rough day.

Despite the message that the earlier snapshot seemed to convey, the actress promised General Hospital fans that she is okay. As much as fans would like to hear about her status with the soap opera directly, she indicated that she simply cannot talk about it right now.

Emme went on to say that there was something else she could provide details about, and that was her living situation. Those who follow the actress on social media know that her family had been working on finding a new home to rent. Their landlord sold the house they were currently leasing, and the search was turning out to be pretty tough.

In her stories, Emme revealed some exciting decisions that she and Don had made in the midst of this stressful time. She said they were packing up all of their stuff and would be storing it in a pod. Since her two school-aged boys are distance learning, and her little girl is not in school yet, they would be hitting the road to get outside their Los Angeles bubble and explore.

The General Hospital actress relayed that the family, along with their two dogs and two cats, would be traveling around and embracing new experiences. Emme said she's really only lived in the Los Angeles and New York areas, and she's worked during the week consistently since 2004. She's ready to change things up a little and she said the kids are very excited.

Even if Emme cannot officially talk about what the future holds for her at General Hospital, these travel plans certainly seem to give everybody an answer anyway. She promised to stream the family's adventures via her Instagram page, and it seems this COVID-conscious, epic road trip should be quite entertaining to follow.