Friday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Peter's Facing A New Threat That May Finally Destroy Him

General Hospital spoilers for Friday hint that Peter August may finally face a threat he cannot neutralize. He received a stunning phone call at the end of Thursday's show, and SheKnows Soaps promises there's more to come during the October 30 episode.

For quite some time now, Peter has been scrambling to keep Maxie Jones from learning the truth about him. Over the past couple of years, General Hospital viewers have learned that quite some time ago, he'd worked directly with Helena Cassadine on the memory mapping experiment. He'd orchestrated numerous problematic components of this, and last year, he went to great lengths to cover it up.

Unfortunately, Peter just got a call that could ruin all of his hard work. While sitting with Maxie and Damian Spinelli, he got a phone call. The voice of Helena Cassadine was on the other end, and Peter immediately froze.

Helena supposedly died years ago. However, General Hospital fans never really believed she was gone for good. If she is alive, she may be the one who finally exposes Peter once and for all.

Could someone else be orchestrating this and faking Helena's voice on the line with Peter? It's possible, but either way, he has good reason to worry about anything that connects him to Helena emerging now.

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General Hospital spoilers for November sweeps suggest that Peter will finally be exposed and taken down. Spinelli, Robert, Liesl, and Jason have all been trying to accomplish this task, and Peter has outmaneuvered them a number of times. If Helena is still alive and ultimately reveals the truth about him, it would certainly wreak havoc throughout Port Charles.

The idea that Helena could still be alive could connect to another sweeps storyline. As General Hospital viewers have seen over the past couple of days, Franco Baldwin suddenly collapsed.

Dr. Portia Robinson was heard asking for an oncology consult, and some viewers speculated that Franco's tumor may have returned. General Hospital teasers detail that Franco's illness will somehow connect to a long-standing secret or mystery in Port Charles, and this could tie to Helena as well.

When Helena supposedly died, she left a will that tortured many people in Port Charles. She was tied to Jake Spencer's years-long abduction and left mysterious things behind for Laura Spencer, Elizabeth, Nikolas, and Alexis Davis. Questions have remained unanswered ever since the Cassadine matriarch's supposed death in 2015, and it seems answers may be on the horizon at last.

Does this ultimately tie to the memory swapping situation with patients one through six? It certainly seems that it could, and that has ties to Helena too.

Anna just brought the swap up with Kevin as she tries to find the truth about whether she or her sister, Alex, are Peter's real biological mother. Franco was pulled into this when he received Drew's memories, and there have always been a couple of mystery patients left unnamed. It seems possible that Franco's new issues are actually connected to that swap from months ago.

General Hospital fans will not get all of the answers regarding this situation during Friday's show. However, spoilers suggest that viewers may get enough to start piecing things together.