Halsey Stuns Fans With Her Shockingly Accurate 'Corpse Bride' Look For Halloween

Bessie Yuill

Halsey doesn't mess around when it comes to Halloween, as she's proven it over the years by throwing impressive parties and creating unforgettable costumes.

On Thursday, the singer posted a series of photos on Instagram to show off a look that was uncannily similar to the character Emily from Tim Burton's 2005 animated film, Corpse Bride. With a long blue wig, white gloves, blue-painted skin, dark contouring, and white makeup to make her eyes look cartoonishly large, Halsey was a dead ringer for the character.

On Wednesday, she scared her Instagram followers by painting a bullet wound onto her face in a chillingly gory recreation of her own album cover for MANIC.

Using fake blood, makeup and possibly prosthetics, Halsey created a nightmarish transformation that was perfect for horror fans.

"MANIC, but make it Horror. Whipped this up this morning," the musician wrote in her caption.

Her looks for previous Halloweens have also been iconic.

In 2019, she dressed as notorious metal icon Marilyn Manson, with a red wig, colored contact lenses, and a white latex bodysuit.

The singer posted the costume on her Instagram with the caption "resident goths," and received appreciation from alternative rocker Courtney Love, who commented that it was "amazing."

She even performed on stage with Avril Lavigne while in costume as the daring metal artist, putting a twist on the Canadian star's signature hit, "Girlfriend."

And in 2018, Halsey transformed herself into Batman villain Poison Ivy, turning into a redhead and covering herself with leaves as well as green body paint. Musician Diplo, dressed as a penguin, posted her outfit on his Instagram, comparing her to "broccoli."

Besides showing off her creative side by getting ready for Halloween, Halsey surprised fans by shaving her head recently, as The Inquisitr reported. Celebrity friends supported the bold change, as Katy Perry commented "uggghhh heaven" and Demi Lovato left a string of heart emoji.

The singer has also been busy with a variety of projects. She recently collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly in a music video for their new song "forget me too," from the album Tickets To My Downfall. Her book of poems, I Would Leave Me If I Could, will also be coming out on November 10.