Vivi Castrillon Tugs Seductively On Her ‘Very Naughty’ Bunny Costume In Latest Update

Vivi Castrillon snaps a selfie.
Vivi Castrillon / Instagram

Colombian lingerie model Vivi Castrillon took to her Instagram page on Thursday afternoon with a racy shot that left her 3.8 million followers wanting more. She flaunted her famous figure while wearing a pair of rabbit ears, and teased fans in the caption about knowing where to find a festively dressed and mischievously behaved creature for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

The post racked up over 4,000 likes in the first few hours after it was uploaded.

Vivi’s ensemble featured a floral lace bra-and-panty set paired with pink and white animal accoutrements. The underwire bra cups had a revealing design that cut almost vertically over her bust to expose nearly all of her voluptuous breasts.

The garment had the standard straps over both shoulders, and was embellished in the front with an extra pair of straps that traced the curves of her assets. They were attached on either side of her decolletage and connected to one another in the center, below her cleavage.

Vivi looped her right thumb under that section of fabric and pulled it away from her body while giving the camera a sultry, confident gaze.

The tiny bottoms sat across her hips, exposing her pierced navel and much of her taut belly. Scalloped edging along the top matched the detailing of the bra cups.

The rest of the flirty outfit was comprised of ears, a collar, and a set of wrist cuffs. The primary piece was a headband upon which tall, satin ears were attached. The inside of the appendages were lined in pale pink, and had a big bow with a rhinestone accent in the center.

Fluffy sections of maribou feathers were attached to the headband, as well as around her wrists. The elegant material encircling her throat also featured a blush-colored bow, which Vivi placed to one side, seemingly so as not to distract from the attention to her chest.

Vivi posed sitting on the edge of a double reclining lounge chair covered in white leather with her legs spread wide apart. She appeared to be holding the end of a selfie stick clutched in her left hand, which was visible at the very bottom of the photo frame.

According to a report by The Inquisitr at the end of September, Vivi has been in the holiday mood for several weeks now. The Miss Playboy TV Latin America wore feathery angel wings and displayed her backside in a pair of sheer underwear, while commenting that she couldn’t “wait for Halloween to be here.”