June 18, 2013
Welcome To The Neighborhood: Oregon’s ‘Glock Block’

Clackamas County, OR – Frustration over the increase in petty crime – which includes property damage, vandalism, and stolen yard items – has provoked several residents in one neighborhood to arm themselves and forgo calling police.

Clackamas County is located in the Willamette Valley region in Oregon. Many residents there living in the Jennings Lodge neighborhood have acquired conceal carry licenses and post fliers reading, “This is a Glock Block. We don’t call 911.”

Vigilante homeowners insist they’ll defend themselves and their homes without relying on police for protection. Hopefully, criminals will be deterred.

Often times when crimes deemed as petty occur, authorities are unable to do much unless there are several witnesses or video surveillance. Even then, the penalties for theft or damage to personal property are minor in contrast to the victims’ who have to depend on insurance – which can go up as a result – or paying out of pocket. Replacing slashed tires, for example, is not cheap.

The group doesn’t feel a neighborhood watch is sufficient – nor do they feel the local authority response by sheriff deputies to the area is either.

One resident, Coy Toloman, got her conceal carry gun permit following an incident where someone snatched a lawn statue from her porch. She tried to chase him down, but the bold thief managed to escape. However, Toloman speculates concern over what if “he’d gotten in the house … what then?” What keeps thieves from escalating to violence when they think the people are vulnerable – such as the elderly or women living alone?

Toloman, along with several others feel this measure will make criminals less inclined to victimize their area. “I think more people should have permits to carry, but they should be trained and responsible.”

The Glock Block’s response to crime is similar to that of those living in the Oak Forest community in Houston, Texas. The Armed Citizen Project, a controversial nonprofit program, offers firearm training and equips residents with guns.

Police caution pursuing vigilante justice.

[Image via Shutterstock]