Kindly Myers Bends Over & Flashes Sizzling Booty In Strappy Lingerie

Playboy hottie Kindly Myers has just updated her Instagram page with a red-hot new photo wherein she put her sizzling booty front and center. The self-proclaimed "professional smokeshow" flashed her killer curves in revealing lingerie, giving followers an eyeful of her toned posterior and sexy legs as she softly bent over in front of an open fridge door.

The 35-year-old model rocked skimpy auburn panties that perfectly displayed her peachy buns due to their cheeky design. The item appeared to be a low-waist style and boasted an incredible high cut that fully bared her hips, accentuating her voluptuous curves.

The smoking-hot look also included a matching garter, which emphasized Kindly's waist and drew attention to her hourglass shape. The straps ran down her leg and wrapped around her thighs, perfectly framing her round rear end.

The racy lingerie was complete with a strappy bra, of which only a glimpse was visible from underneath her cascading locks. The stunner wore her long, golden hair styled in tousled waves that spilled down to her rump, allowing only a side peek of her sculpted waist to be seen.

The gorgeous blonde leaned her hands on the double doors, showing off the sparkling ring that adorned one of her fingers. Her back was seductively arched and her chiseled pins were parted ever so slightly, teasing her thigh gap.

She was perched atop a set of metallic-gold sandals that coordinated with her jewelry, while also beautifully harmonizing with her outfit. Although the snap bore a watermark that concealed part of Kindly's eye-popping footwear, fans could notice it had stiletto heels, platform soles, and thin straps going around her ankles.

The shot also gave followers a peek at the stylish kitchen, which was decorated in white and ecru shades that made Kindly's rust-colored lingerie and glowing tan emerge as the main splash of color in the pic. A few copper-toned details mirrored her undergarments, making her attire pop out even more.

Kindly penned a flirty caption for the steamy snapshot, for which she credited professional photographer iNterScope Photography. She added a Phoenix, Arizona, geotag to her post, and tagged Entertainmentworld HD.

Her army of fans made quick work of showing their love for the tantalizing upload, flocking to the comments section to compliment the blond bombshell.

"Looking for a midnight snack [six hearts] I found mine," said one Instagram user, leaving a trail of heart eyes. "It's you [three hearts] yummy," they added, ending with a string of fire emoji.

"Excuse me ma'am but that refrigerator is not going to cool down the heat that you put off!!!" chimed in another smitten fan, who left an assortment of flattering emoji.

"Wow! that's a beautiful sight," gushed a third admirer.

"Snack heaven," quipped a fourth devotee, further expressing their adoration with a string of star-struck and heart emoji.

The update came just one day after Kindly flaunted her curvy thighs and derrière on Instagram in a colorful bikini.