Doc Rivers Fined $25K For Criticizing Refs

Doc Rivers was fined $25K today for criticizing the refs after the Boston Celtics’ loss last night against the New York Knicks.

Rivers criticized the refs for making “horrendous” calls on Kevin Garnett. Boston’s big man only played 24 minutes last night due to foul trouble.

Rivers said: “I thought the fouls on Kevin were horrendous, and had a huge effect on us … He never got his rhythm when you could see he was going to have a game. It hurt us.”

Garnett also said that he was frustrated by the fouls but the NBA veteran restrained himself from criticizing the refs.

Garnett said: “At times, it’s frustrating. But fouls are part of the game. Refs are calling things but it’s an aggressive time in postseason play. I just have to be consistent and position myself not to foul so much.”

Do you think Doc Rivers deserved a $25K fine?

The Boston Celtics lost the first two games against the New York Knicks and Doc Rivers is obviously frustrated with his team’s place. The Celtics will get a chance at redemption on Friday night when they host the Knicks in Boston.

The Celtics haven’t played at home since the tragic events at the Boston Marathon and the team is looking forward to playing in front of their home crowd.

Garnett said: “I’m looking forward to tomorrow, being home, back in Beantown. Very much so … We haven’t been home since all the current events and everything. So, yes, we’re anticipating it being very emotional, very inspiring, and we’re looking forward to coming out and trying to get this Game 3.”