Corrie Yee Rocks Body-Hugging Bikini While Soaking Up Some Sun In 'The Hills'

Corrie Yee rocked a body-hugging bikini in her latest Instagram snapshot. The brunette bombshell's 1.1 million followers seemed to fall in love with the photos, which were taken while she was soaking up some sun in Beverly Hills.

In the sexy snaps, Corrie looked smoking hot as she opted for the colorful little two-piece. The teeny top boasted a purple, blue, and green pattern, as well as a low-cut neckline that exposed her massive cleavage. The thin straps also showcased her muscular arms and shoulders.

The matching bikini bottoms were pulled low over her curvaceous hips as they wrapped snugly around her slim waist and accentuated her flat tummy and rock-hard abs. Her long, lean legs were also in the spotlight for the pics.

Corrie added to her skimpy style by sporting a pair of sunglasses over her eyes. She also had a dainty chain and pendant around her neck, and rocked white polish on her fingers and toes.

In the first photo, Corrie stood on a balcony with both of her hands raised above her head. She bent one knee and pushed her hip to the side as she looked away from the camera with a sultry expression on her face.

The second shot featured the model holding on to the railing behind her with one hand and pulling her glasses down with the other. In the background, a sunlit blue sky, green foliage, and stunning cityscape could be seen.

She wore her long, dark hair in a deep side part. The locks were styled in voluminous curls that she pushed over her shoulders.

Corrie's followers wasted no time showing their appreciation for the post. The snaps garnered more than 8,000 likes in less than 24 hours after they were shared to her feed. Her admirers also hit up the comments section with over 150 messages.

"How are you so perfect?!" one follower stated.

"How are you even real??? I've never seen a woman as sexy as you in my entire life!!" another wrote.

"Such a beautiful place, you are so stunning," a third comment read.

"U look awesome always," a fourth user gushed.

The model never seems to disappoint her fans, who flock to her page to check out all of her racy content. She's often seen posing in scanty lingerie, teeny bathing suits, and tight dresses.

Most recently, her fans got an eyeful when she opted for a red lace lingerie set, which she glammed up with a nude leather jacket and matching heels. That post has racked up more than 11,000 likes and over 200 comments to date.