Vanessa Hudgens Wears A Tight Black Dress With Over-The-Knee Socks To Celebrate Halloween

Vanessa Hudgens wore a tight, black dress with over-the-knee socks in a new Instagram video where she lip-synced to a song for her 39.4 million followers in celebration of Halloween. The former Disney Channel superstar appeared thrilled that the spooky holiday was fast approaching and her fans adored her enthusiasm, hitting the "like" button on the post over 623,000 times thus far.

Vanessa lip-synced to a tune from The Nightmare Before Christmas titled "This Is Halloween." The song, with music and lyrics by Danny Elfman, introduced the town's Halloween-centered lifestyle at the beginning of the iconic Tim Burton film that was released in 1993.

She appeared to have on a velvet outfit. The neckline was cut very low in the front and showed off her décolletage. The dress was a stark black color and secured in the front with button closures. The short skirt appeared to have an asymmetrical hem that skimmed the tops of Vanessa toned thighs.

The actress, who became a superstar after appearing in the High School Musical trio of films, paired the outfit with black- and-neon green over-the-knee socks.

For accessories, Vanessa wore fuzzy cat ears on her head and a thick collar with large silver hoops attached that jiggled when she bounced. Little bats flew out of her eyes via a filter, which added to the spooky feel of her ensemble. The video seemed to have been filmed in the actress' living room. A white sofa was seen behind Vanessa, and on the wall, an ornate wallpaper in a stunning pattern was visible. Her two tiny pups, who wore their own costumes, lay on the couch, seemingly oblivious to her actions.

She jumped about in the video and clearly expressed her joy for what she has said is her favorite time of the year. She began posting images of herself in various costumes beginning October 1, as seen here.

In the caption of the clip, Vanessa shared her excitement that she would be the host of a live Halloween event on Saturday.

Vanessa's fans jumped at the chance to tell her how much they adored her love of the spooky day.

"Damn! I suddenly really felt like watching a High School Musical marathon," remarked one follower.

"Woohoo, the news is out! See you there bb," wrote a second fan.

"I'm so excited! Catch me watching at work," added a third Instagram user.

"Anyone would think you like Halloween lol," joked a fourth fan.