Tim Tebow: Angels Nearly Drafted Patriots QB In 2005 MLB Draft

Tim Tebow with the Angels? Yes, this could have been the career of the current New England Patriots' quarterback. Tebow was considered a quality baseball player in high school who had the talent to play professionally.

The choice might of been a respectable decision, and possibly the right one at that, especially after his downfall in the NFL. The hardest working player in the league, Tebow hasn't received much playing time since leaving the Denver Broncos through a trade in March of 2012 as Peyton Manning was set to takeover behind center at Mile High Stadium.

He spent one season with the Jets, where he only attempted eight passes and was still the most popular man with the NFL media. He's now moved to the New England Patriots after his career in the league was almost at an end, but it could have never started in the first place.

According to an interview by former Angels' scout Tom Kotchman to Boston's WEEI, Tim Tebow to the Angels was actually a possibility in 2005.

"He had a strong arm and had a lot of power. If he would have been there his senior year he definitely would have had a good chance to be drafted," Kotchman said in the interview. "He had leverage to his swing. He had some natural loft. He had some good power. He was a good athlete. He had had enough arm for that position. He was a left-handed hitter with strength and some size."

Could you see Tim Tebow playing in the outfield next to Mike Trout and Josh Hamilton? The chances of it happening had to be pretty slim as Tebow was on his way to Gainesville to join Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators at that time.

He went on to win two National Championships and a Heisman Trophy, so sticking to football panned out at first. His career has been full of questions about his abilities as a quarterback ever since, but that hasn't stopped his dream of taking snaps year-in and year-out.

Do you think Tim Tebow with the Angels would have worked out or was football the right choice all along?

[Image via Creative Commons]