Yuliett Torres Lounges In Bed As She Tugs At Her Top And Bares Her Midriff

Instagram model and actress Yuliett Torres impressed her 7.3 million followers with her recent post. The update, which was posted on Wednesday, October 28, featured the celebrity reclining comfortably in bed as she pulled at her top and revealed her toned midriff.

In the caption, she stated in Spanish that she wished that her fans would have a serene day full of surprises and blessings, according to a Google translation.

Yuliett wore an oversized gray long-sleeved shirt and matching shorts as she was lying in bed. Her messy locks were parted haphazardly in the middle and fanned out around her stunning features as she posed for her intended audience.

In the first snap, she had one hand in her hair and the other tugging her top up. This exposed her flat stomach as well as the hint of some underboob. One leg was bent as she stared at the camera, showing off her toned thigh and pale completion.

The second snap was a variation of the first one. The only real difference being that Yuliett's hand was now tucked in behind a fluffy white pillow and she gave a cheeky expression as she posed.

The last photo showed that she had stopped pulling her top up. Her midriff was still exposed but any chance of catching a glimpse of something more risqué was now gone.

Her followers rushed to respond shortly after Yuliett posted the images. Within six hours, the set had already amassed a whopping 76,300 likes and more than 1,000 comments from her legions of fans.

Many of the comments were written in other languages as well as English. "Hermosa" was used often. According to a Google translation, this means "beautiful" in English.

"Sexy and beautiful and gorgeous," one follower wrote in the comments section.

"So Beautiful," a fan stated.

"That tummy tho," another user stated in response to Yuliett's toned midriff.

"Very good," a fourth person wrote, also using a variety of emoji for further emphasis.

In fact, many of her followers avoided the language barrier altogether by using emoji rather than words. A wide variety were used, including fire, heart-eye, and hearts. Also popular appeared to be the kissing and various flower emoji.

Yuliett often flaunts her enviable curves when posting content to her official social media account. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on Monday, she shared a video that instantly delighted her admirers. Wearing a pair of stockings and a black thong, the Instagram sensation showed off her booty.