Cosplay Model Kayla Erin Rocks Blond Wig And Leaves Little To The Imagination In Daisy Bikini

Kayla Erin dropped jaws on Wednesday, October 28, when she teased her 840,000 Instagram followers with a couple of photos of herself sporting a tiny bikini.

The Australian cosplay model sat on what looked like a balcony overlooking a river. In the first shot, Erin had her legs crossed, placing one hand on the floor and tugging her hair with the other. She smiled coquettishly at the camera, with her lips slightly pursed. In the second, she sat back against her heels while spreading her knees out in a sultry pose.

Erin rocked a skimpy two-piece bathing suit with a print featuring a series of large daisies against a white background. Her top had triangle cups that barely covered her chest. They sat high on her breasts, allowing her to flaunt quite a lot of underboob and cleavage.

She teamed the top with a pair of matching bottoms with a U-shaped waistband that showed off her lower stomach. The sides tied into bows, which Erin pulled up high in a manner that enhanced the contrast between her waist and hips. She also had on a pair of white stockings that came up to her thighs.

Erin completed her ensemble with a platinum blond wig styled in soft curls, with bangs swept across her forehead.

Erin teased her fans with a rather strange caption, in which she asked them whether they shower with their socks on or off.

The post attracted more than 20,000 likes and upward of 130 comments. Erin's followers often interact with her captions, and they didn't disappoint today as they answered her unusual question with witty remarks.

"What's next, full length thigh highs?! [heart-eyes emoji] [clapping hands] You're killing me," one user wrote.

"Fully clothed, that way I don't have to do laundry or dry it either," replied another fan.

"Just tried with socks on. Did not like! Would not recommend but I did try it," a third admirer added.

"No, I take baths. More relaxing. Only time I shower is when rinsing off or washing the tub," chimed in a fourth user.

Erin occasionally treats her fanbase to swimsuit photos, though she most often shares content relating to her passion for cosplay and video games. Earlier this month, she uploaded a selfie in which she posed as Hatsune Miku -- a Japanese virtual pop star created by Crypton Future Media, as The Inquisitr has written. She wore a silver top with a large cutout in the middle, a teal tie and a bright blue wig styled in two side ponytails.