'General Hospital' November Sweeps Spoilers: Liz & Franco Face A New Crisis, Peter's Exposed, & Laura's Back

It's almost time for November sweeps to begin, and General Hospital spoilers tease that it's going to be a wild ride. Rumors suggest that two central Port Charles residents may be leaving town in one way or another during the coming weeks, and now additional tidbits regarding what's ahead have emerged.

Soap Central has shared some teasers related to the first part of November sweeps. Nina will be dealt a shocking blow, which surely has to do with the search for her daughter. Anna's silence causes problems, and Jackie tries to keep a secret under wraps.

During the coming week, something will surprise Valentin, and Alexis has to decide on something significant. Viewers will also see Franco reach out to Jason with an offer of some kind.

Co-head writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O'Connor shared some additional General Hospital sweeps teasers with SheKnows Soaps. The wedding of Maxie and Peter is slated to take place in the coming weeks, however, the nuptials may not actually happen.

"Forces are aligning to finally give Peter his comeuppance. The questions going forward will be, how does this happen, who does it and when?" Van Etten teased.

From the sounds of things, Peter's world will implode right as he's prepared to wed Maxie. General Hospital viewers are anxious to see him exposed, and it seems the time is finally on the horizon.

Everybody will see more regarding Finn's past as his wedding date with Anna draws near. General Hospital fans just learned that Finn had a one-night stand with his stepmother, Jackie, the night before she married his father, Gregory. Could this lead to the revelation that Chase is his son rather than his half-brother?

Genie Francis stars as Laura on 'General Hospital'
ABC | Craig Sjodin

Genie Francis will bring Laura back to town soon, and she'll be determined to deal with Cyrus. She'll coordinate with Jordan and Cyrus to figure out his hidden agenda and this will be an intense battle.

Nelle supposedly remains dead, even if General Hospital viewers still aren't fully convinced of this. Carly will continue to be rattled over the final confrontation the two women had.

In addition, it's just a matter of time before Avery having Nelle's necklace will become an issue. Apparently, that could spark a fresh round of trouble for Carly.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Franco and Elizabeth's marriage will be strong after navigating the chaos created by Nikolas and Ava. However, there's a medical crisis connected to them on the way.

"What they will soon discover is that this apparent health crisis is the key to unlocking one of the biggest secrets in Port Charles which has been percolating for years," Van Etten reveals.

Sam and Jason will be pretty strong and stable throughout the fall. Apparently, they will even start to think about getting married again. Unfortunately, that plan may be pushed to the back burner due to some sort of urgent situation that develops in town.

Alexis' downward spiral will continue for a while. Luckily, General Hospital teasers hint that she will pull herself together relatively soon. There's more drama ahead for the teens, and Brando will apparently be drawn to a lady who needs a bit of rescuing. Could this end up being Maxie?

The truth about Sasha and Chase's fake fling may finally emerge, and Portia will become suspicious of Jordan.

General Hospital spoilers hint at some significant changes ahead that will impact a lot of people in Port Charles and additional scoops should emerge soon.