Yanet Garcia Stuns In Skintight Leather Bodysuit, Channeling Catwoman For Halloween

Yanet Garcia is getting in the Halloween spirit. The Instagram sensation shared a new photo to her timeline on October 27, where she showed off one of the costumes she was wearing for the fun holiday this year. While posing on a set, Yanet rocked a skintight leather bodysuit, accented with bold white stitches around her arms and legs. The animal ears she wore atop her head only confirmed what the outfit suggested: she was channeling Catwoman, one of the most notorious adversaries of Batman. The tight ensemble fit snugly around her tiny waist, revealing her hard work from all her documented days in the gym.

The hot outfit also featured a long tail over her famously round rump, which was highlighted by the tightness of the bodysuit. The ensemble was paired with over-the-knee boots, which matched in color and fabric. Yanet wore her long tresses down in curly waves, which were brushed out to add volume. The photo was taken from behind, showing off the 29-year-old's most well-known asset. She posed with one knee bent, making her booty look even more prominent. The model smiled widely for the photo as she looked over her shoulder, appearing excited to dress in the sexy costume.

Yanet's caption for the post featured the ghost and pumpkin emoji, while she also wrote "Boo" for some added scary effect.

The picture attracted more interest as time went on, and Yanet's followers began showing the post some love in the form of likes and comments. In under half an hour, the sexy image already had almost 100,000 likes as well as hundreds of comments. Fans left a plethora of emoji below the picture, which included the fire symbol, as well as the peach emoji to compliment her behind, which was clearly the star of the show.

Others spelled out their love for Yanet and her hot bodysuit under the image.

"Wow beautiful. Love the tail," one fan wrote.

"I can't believe all those guys are looking away," another said, noting the oblivious crew in the background of the image.

"More like boo-tay lol," a third user wrote, playing off Yanet's caption.

This is the first costume that Yanet has sported on social media for the Halloween season. Some of her more recent posts have been seasonally themed, however. Previously, the model posed with some pumpkins while wearing a super-tight red dress as she looked over a balcony. Yanet also took a trip to a pumpkin patch earlier this month with her dog.