'General Hospital' Spoilers: Rumors Suggest Major Cast Departures Are On The Way

Some wild General Hospital spoilers are emerging that may rattle fans. Rumors are swirling that a couple of central cast members may be on their way out, and there might be more changes on the way.

The buzz is that both William deVry and Emme Rylan may soon be departing the soap opera.

According to Daytime Confidential, deVry and Rylan are supposedly being let go. Apparently, the outlet heard this from multiple sources.

DeVry, who first joined General Hospital in 2013, currently plays Julian Jerome. When he first arrived in Port Charles, he was known to everybody as Derek Wells. Eventually, it was revealed he was a mob boss who had been involved with Alexis Davis years ago and fathered both Sam McCall and Lucas Jones.

There have actually been some rumors floating around social media over the past few weeks about deVry's potential departure. This isn't the first time the actor has been the subject of this type of speculation. However, it looks like there might be something to it this time.

Emme Rylan stars on 'General Hospital'
ABC | Craig Sjodin

As for Rylan, she also joined General Hospital in 2013. She took over the character of Lulu Spencer after actress Julie Marie Berman departed.

Her character is in the midst of a juicy storyline right now, with her ex-husband, Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna), suddenly back in Port Charles. She just invited her beau, Dustin Phillips (Mark Lawson), to move in with her, and Dante's return has her quite flustered.

If both Lulu and Julian are being written out, that will generate a big reaction from viewers.

Unfortunately, that may not be the end of the cast changes. A show insider told Daytime Confidential that more cuts are coming and people on the set are nervous.

These two departures may not be official yet, but General Hospital fans already have a few things to say about the rumors.

"What the hell @valentinifrank this better not be true. Waited for so long to see Dante and LuLu reunite and Julian is the best with everyone- Ava, Sonny, Sam, Alexis. Please don't let this be true," one frustrated fan wrote on Twitter.

"But they're keeping Peter, Dev, Sasha, Dustin, Brando and Cyrus, this is ridiculous!" tweeted another annoyed viewer.

"This is the worst news ever! Both of these characters are important to the show, but let's get rid of them and keep the people no one cares about," another tweet read.

"So they bring on Jackie Templeton... not needed.... bring back Britt.... not really needed..... Sasha... nope......Peter triple no.....and there was zero need to recast Nina..... Hey #GH can you start with the characters we don't like first!" someone else wrote on Twitter.

For now, fans will have to stay tuned and hope these reports turn out to be inaccurate. Many people who follow soaps know, however, that this particular outlet has a very solid track record when it comes to these sorts of spoilers.

If the characters of Julian and Lulu are about to be written out of General Hospital, who could be next?