Niece Waidhofer Shows Off Major Cleavage While Wearing A Unique Strappy Lingerie Set

Niece Waidhofer takes a selfie
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Instagram model and cosplay sensation Niece Waidhofer impressed her 2.2 million followers with her recent post. The update, which was posted on Tuesday, October 27, saw the celebrity flaunting a lot of skin as she posed in some revealing lingerie. In the caption, she made mention that this snap was for all those guys out there that often replied to her content with the misspelling of “damn gril” instead of “damn, girl.”

As to be expected, her fans quickly responded regarding her scanty attire as well as cracking plenty of jokes about the common spelling error.

Niece wore a strappy bra, corset, and panties for her update. The top plunged down low in the front and showed off plenty of her ample cleavage. More would have been revealed, too, but the model opted to bring her satin-gloved arms up to her neck, covering her chest as she did so.

The corset crisscrossed over her torso, highlighting her fair skin. It also helped to show off her flat stomach as she reclined on a white sheet.

Her panties featured thin straps and sat high over her curvaceous hips. However, very little could be seen of them as Niece raised one thigh and crossed it slightly over the other in the alluring pose.

Niece’s dark hair was styled in gentle waves that were pulled back into a high ponytail. As she looked to the side, her locks were fanned out over the bed.

As soon as Niece posted the image, her followers were quick to respond. Within two hours, the photo had already racked up an impressive 59,200 likes and close to 1,000 comments from her legion of fans.

“That set you’re wearing is straight [fire] ‘gril'” one follower wrote in response to Niece’s caption.

“Absolute fire!!! Gorgeous AF!!” a fan exclaimed in the comments section.

“You look like a sexy Chinese finger trap,” another user joked regarding the unique strappy corset around Niece’s midriff.

“Isn’t it usually [spelled] as ‘DAMMN GURL’?” a fourth person wrote, adding the winking emoji for further emphasis.

Many of her followers decided to simply use emoji rather than words when it came to commenting about the image. The most popular appeared to be the fire, heart-eyes, and heart ones. However, many also opted for the laughing and clapping emoji as well.

Niece regularly shares risqué content on her official social media account. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently put on a cheeky display as she asked her supporters to “be kind” when it came to not only commenting on her updates but also when responding to others in the comments section. In that post, the cosplay celebrity wore a gray knitted jumper that barely covered her pert derriere.