Camila Bernal Flaunts Underboob And Buns As She Poses In Strappy Black Monokini

Camila Bernal takes a selfie
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Instagram model Camila Bernal wowed her 1.4 million followers with her latest post. The update, which was posted on Tuesday, October 27, saw her striking a variety of poses while wearing a revealing monokini. In the caption, she asked her fans which shot they preferred, and they quickly dived into the comments section with their responses.

Camila wore a strappy black monokini that helped to highlight her curvaceous figure. A little underboob could be seen as well as a lot of her enviable booty due to the thong back of her swimwear. In the series of poses, she also wore a pair of white socks and runners.

The first snap saw the celebrity standing outside, with one leg raised and her foot on top of a low concrete border surrounding a garden bed. She had one arm in the air, resting against her dark locks, which were pulled back into a ponytail.

The following images were very similar in style, each one moving further away from the model. There were some slight variations to the pose, with the second one showing her hand resting on her smooth thigh. The last photo also revealed more of the background and captured Camila raising both of her arms over her head.

As soon as Camila posted the images, her followers were quick to respond. Within five hours, the set had already garnered close to 30,000 likes and over 1,000 comments from her adoring fans.

Even though there was a prize on offer, many of Camila’s fans couldn’t decide on their favorite snap.

“All 3!!!!” one follower declared in the comments section.

“Why not all 3?” a fan questioned.

Others did make a difficult decision.

“Number 2 because it really showcases the nice wicker chairs,” Vinny Guadagnino from MTV’s Jersey Shores joked.

For reference, the chairs were positioned directly behind Camila’s impressive booty.

Then, there were others who were more interested in commenting on Camila rather than responding with their personal preference.

“You the baddest,” a fourth person wrote, also adding the trophy emoji for further emphasis.

Some of her followers opted to use emoji rather than words when it came to conveying how they felt about the images. The most popular appeared to be the fire, heart-eyes, and heart ones. However, considering the content, the peach emoji was also used frequently.

Camila often makes her buns the focal point when posting content to her official social media account. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently shared a video that had her discussing the funniest thing she had ever done. However, for her audience, the fact that her booty popped up frequently in the content was likely their favorite part.