Fitness Model Holly Barker Flips 475-Pound Tire In Impressive Instagram Update

Holly Barker takes an Instagram selfie.
Holly Barker / Instagram

Blond bombshell Holly Barker thrilled her 922,000 Instagram supporters with an impressive share Tuesday afternoon in which she lifted a nearly 500-pound tire from the ground and flipped it to the opposite side, while being encouraged by an observer, who was seemingly one of several bystanders filming the activity.

In the caption, the buxom model described the benefit of surrounding oneself with a positive group of individuals who provide motivation. She also tagged Los Angeles-based No LimIT Training Facility, a gym described on their official website as the “urban Sistine Chapel.”

The post racked up more than 6,000 likes in the first few hours after it was uploaded, including one from fellow fitness aficionado Katelyn Runck.

Holly wore a pair of melon-colored leggings with a high waist and a bubble gum pink sports bra with a revealing V-neckline and straps that crossed in the center of her shoulder blades. She also sported white, high-top sneakers.

Her platinum hair was pulled into a messy, looped ponytail at the crown of her head, allowing long ends to spill along the sides of her face and over the headphones she wore.

As the video commenced, Holly bent both knees and crouched close to the ground and grasped both hands, about shoulder distance apart, under the bottom edge of the tire. A deep voice was heard urging her to get underneath the huge piece of equipment as she pressed up slowly and evenly. About halfway up, she kicked one knee up and braced her weight with the other leg so she could reorient her hands.

The clip switched into slow-motion speed as she moved the tire into an upright position and it fell over onto its other side.

As the feat concluded, she faced the camera and jumped up and down with an ecstatic smile on her face.

Holly’s prolific social media posts frequently include an appealing combination of her killer physique mixed with a confident and inspiring message. The Inquisitr covered a share last month that pictured her wearing a matching gold-colored athletic ensemble and posing to display her muscular legs and abdominal region. The top was low-cut and exposed her voluptuous cleavage, and she gazed at the camera with a confident intensity.

She urged her supporters in the caption to find their own path to happiness and reminded them that everyone has the daily ability to shape the success of that journey. To date, the post has acquired almost 7,000 more likes than the first hour in which it was uploaded.