Lady Gaga Goes Pantsless & Rocks Chunky Metallic Boots As She Casts Her Ballot For The Presidential Election

Naomi Kennedy

Lady Gaga is never one to skip out on a fashion statement. The star, known for rocking some wild ensembles onstage and on the red carpet, took her unique sense of style to the mailbox as she cast her mail-in vote for the 2020 presidential election this week. She shared a video of the drop off to her Instagram page Monday, October 26, that has quickly taken the internet by storm.

The clip — which was set to "Babylon" from her sixth studio album, Chromatica — kicked off with a shot of the entertainer rolling up to the official ballot drop box in a sleek black car. The door opened vertically in a grandiose fashion to let the 34-year-old out with her ballot in hand.

She strutted the short distance to the white-and-yellow box, swaying her hips almost perfectly in time with the beat. She then proceeded to slide her ticket through the thin slot before striking a triumphant pose for the camera.

Fans seemed thrilled to see Gaga doing her part for the upcoming election, though that was not all that captivated their attention. Many were also stunned by the Grammy winner's choice of clothing for the brief outing, as she sported an outfit that showed some serious skin.

The A Star Is Born actress opted for a cozy gray sweatshirt to cast her vote. The piece fit loosely over her torso and had baggy sleeves, which she scrunched up to her elbows to tease a glimpse at her toned arms. It appeared to have some sort of embroidery over one side of her chest, though it was hard to make out what it said due to the slightly grainy quality of the short clip. Gaga also affixed her blue-and-red "I voted" sticker just underneath its crew neckline.

Rather than wear a pair of shorts or leggings, the "Poker Face" songstress opted to ditch bottoms altogether. Her top was long enough to pull off the move, grazing down to the middle of her thighs to cover up her hips entirely. However, her followers were still treated to a look at her lean legs, much to their delight.

In typical Gaga fashion, the A-lister jazzed up her look with a pair of pink metallic boots with a chunky platform heel.

She also sported a pair of black sunglasses despite it being nighttime and covered up her face with a mask.

"Serving democracy realness," one person wrote.

"Showing the people how it's done," quipped another fan.

"THIS IS HOW THE QUEEN VOTES," a third follower remarked.

"Those boots were made for voting!" added a fourth admirer.

The upload also racked up more than 657,000 likes within 11 hours of going live.