'DWTS' Performer Jeannie Mai Pretends To Bite Pro Brandon Armstrong For 'Silence Of The Lambs' Paso Doble

Dancing with the Stars performer Jeannie Mai pretended to take a bite out of pro Brandon Armstrong for a Silence of the Lambs-inspired Paso Doble for the show's Halloween homage to famous villains. The Real host performed as the character of Hannibal Lecter in a creepy dance to the song "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado.

The television personality was stunned when she learned that she would portray the flesh-eating horror film villain from the 1991 movie starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. She revealed that when she was younger, she snuck into a theater where the film was playing to view it. Jeannie admitted that she had a hard time sleeping for a long time after hearing of the character's evil deeds, which included eating the liver of his victim with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. That scene in particular creeped Jeannie out so much that she turned vegan for two years.

While she had some reservations about bringing the spooky persona to life on the ballroom floor, Jeannie would recreate Hannibal's most evil entrance in a face mask and a straightjacket as she began her performance.

In a series of photos shared by the show to its Instagram account as seen below, Jeannie embodied Hannibal Lecter as she tore up the floor alongside her professional partner.

She wore a stunning white ensemble that showed off her long and toned legs. A stark bodysuit was bedazzled with silver stones that caught the overhead lights. Added to this were thick straps in the same hue that crisscrossed her shoulders, breasts, and stomach, to look somewhat like a straightjacket. The bottom of the costume featured a long flowing skirt that skimmed the floor.

Brandon played her unknowing victim in a white dress shirt that was topped with a jacket and coordinating pants in a black-and-blue plaid.

In true Hannibal style, Jeannie appeared ready to bite Brandon's arm in the final sequence of four slides that highlighted her dance.

Viewers loved the twosome's overall concept and performance.

"Jeannie, STAYS giving us performance. For a non-dancer, she delivers such high-quality entertainment, and imma DEMAND the judges start giving her the scores she deserves," penned one fan.

"We want her in the finals!! she improves every single week," wrote a second follower.

"She is always in character, she's wonderful," exclaimed a third Instagram user.

"That dance was so good, she keeps getting better every week honestly. I hope she makes to the finals, she will likely be EPIC," remarked a fourth fan.