John Mayer's Taylor Swift Revenge Song Hits [Video]

John Mayer was "humiliated" when notorious breakup sore loser Taylor Swift's "Dear John" track was released and immediately pinned upon him as a lament of their relationship -- now three years later, Mayer has possibly responded with some cryptic lyrics of his own.

In Swift's "Dear John," John Mayer (were he the subject) was painted as a cad and even having somewhat taken advantage of the young singer -- with whom he has a large age gap.

Swift sang "you paint me a blue sky, and go back and turn it to rain" and then "don't you think I was too young to be messed with... the girl in the dress cried the whole way home, I should've known."

In "Dear John," Mayer (possibly) was also accused of a "sick need to give love and take it away," and Swift said "you'll add my name to your long list of traitors who don't understand... and I'll look back in regret how I ignored when they said 'run as fast as you can.' "

In John Mayer's "Paper Doll," the singer seems to address a few bits of Taylor Swift both now and then, ostensibly shooting back:

Here's a dress of gold and blue, sure was fun being good to you... Someone's gonna paint you another sky.
But Taylor's single "22" is seemingly also referenced -- and not flatteringly, either. While Mayer doesn't really hit Swift hard (if the song is about her at all, and the "22" reference is pretty signficant), he does insinuate that her recall and perception of their fling is a bit overwrought when he croons:
You're like 22 girls in one... and none of them know what they're running from.
Do you think John Mayer's "Paper Doll" is clearly about Taylor Swift given the former's admission her prior song embarrassed him?