Rachel Cook Rocks A Sexy Schoolgirl Look & Asks Her Fans For Halloween Costume Ideas

Rachel Cook shared a sexy snapshot via her Instagram page on Monday afternoon. She asked her 2.9 million followers for Halloween costume ideas, and quite a few seemed to think that the ensemble she wore in this photo would be the perfect pick.

The shot featured Rachel standing in front of an open patio door. A wood deck and landscaping could be seen behind her, and she leaned one shoulder against the doorframe. She held a coffee cup in one hand and rested her other hand on her backside.

The model wore a wig of long, brown hair. She had it styled into two loose ponytails with a few loose wisps that framed her face. Rachel looked off to the side, away from the camera.

The overall vibe of the ensemble seemed to be that of a naughty, sexy schoolgirl. Rachel wore a tight long-sleeved crop top with a high neck. The fabric clung to her ample bust and the bottom hem rested several inches above her navel.

A hint of over-the-knee socks could be seen on one of Rachel's long, lean legs. She completed her schoolgirl vibe with a short plaid skirt. The waistband sat very low on her hips and allowed her to flaunt her rock-hard abs. The black-and-white pleats rested on her upper thighs.

The alluring look sent Rachel's millions of fans into an immediate frenzy. It took only about 30 minutes for 35,000 likes and 300 comments to build up in response to the new snapshot.

"You are breathtaking and perfect," a fan determined.

"Geesh you're one of the hottest women in the world, how do you cope? lol," another teased.

"You look absolutely gorgeous," someone else declared.

"Absolutely mind boggling.....WOW. You are outrageous," raved a follower.

A number of commenters did have costume suggestions for Rachel. A couple of people suggested the character of Harley Quinn, and another person tossed out the idea of Lady Godiva. Wonder Woman was mentioned, as were a few other possibilities.

Ultimately, however, it seemed that dressing up like she was in this snap was the most popular suggestion.

By the looks of things, Rachel has been in a dressing-up kind of mood lately. Over the weekend, she shared a photo showing her in-character for the movie she had been filming. She looked tough and fierce in that snap as she portrayed someone bruised, battered, and ready to fight for her life.

That movie character look seemed to be the perfect contrast to Rachel's schoolgirl tease. More than 100,000 fans signaled their love for that one, but this sexy Monday ensemble may blow past it in a matter of hours.