Sarah Harris Flaunts Ample Cleavage & Underboob In A Bikini While Seductively Biting The Stem Of Her Glasses

Sarah Harris lit up her Instagram page over the weekend with another tantalizing photo. The image was shared on Sunday, October 25, and has since been showered with nothing but love from her adoring fans.

The camera was positioned close to the former Playboy model, capturing her from the waist up as she posed in front of what appeared to be a large rock structure. She focused directly on the camera, gazing at it intensely as she bit the stem of her glasses in a seductive manner.

As with many of her most recent Instagram posts, Sarah was scantily clad in a leopard-print bikini that left little to the imagination. The two-piece included an off-the-shoulder top with thick straps that wrapped tightly around her biceps to highlight her toned arms and shoulders. The number appeared to almost be too small for the model's voluptuous chest, as an eyeful of underboob was visible as she worked the camera. Its revealing V-neckline also left an ample amount of cleavage well on display, giving the look an even sexier vibe.

In addition, fans were able to get a good look at Sarah's flat stomach and toned abs. The thick straps of her waistband were also visible as they wrapped tightly around her hips and sat parallel to her navel, accentuating her trim waist and hourglass silhouette.

The Kiwi hottie left her platinum locks down for the shot, styling them in loose beachy waves that spilled messily over her shoulder. A pair of dainty stud earrings just peeked out from underneath her locks, providing the perfect hint of bling to her barely there ensemble.

The snap seemed to make a major impression on many of the social media star's 2.2 million followers. It amassed more than 10,000 likes within less than a day's time, as well as dozens of comments.

"So so gorgeous," one person wrote.

"Love this vibe," gushed another fan.

"Wooooow Sarah, every day you look more charming. You are the most beautiful, sweet, and sexy creature in the world," a third follower gushed.

"Flawless goddess," added a fourth admirer.

Fans did not have to scroll far down Sarah's feed to get another tantalizing look at her enviable curves. Last Thursday, the model dazzled them again when she showed off her round booty in a pair of minuscule black shorts while working out at the gym. That post proved to be a hit as well, earning over 15,000 likes and 295 comments to date.