Sadie Robertson Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis & Hospitalization In Midst Of Pregnancy

Stacy Carey

Sadie Robertson took to Instagram on Monday to share some news that left her 3.9 million followers a bit rattled: she had been in the hospital battling COVID-19. The good news was that she seemed to have made solid progress toward a full recovery.

Sadie's photo showed her in a hospital bed, with an IV in one arm and a face mask hanging off of one ear. She had managed to smile slightly for the snapshot, but she clearly did not feel her best.

In her caption, the former Duck Dynasty star told everybody that she was no longer in the hospital and that this snap had been taken prior to Monday. She did explain, however, that she had been very sick.

The 23-year-old motivational speaker and former reality television star said that this illness had been one of the most challenging things she had navigated. Sadie noted that the symptoms had been wild, and while she knows everybody has a different experience with the virus, she was in rough shape for a while.

Luckily, Sadie said that "Baby Huff" was fine. Earlier this month, she revealed that she and her husband, Christian Huff, were expecting their first child. Fans were certainly relieved to hear that the illness had not impacted Sadie's pregnancy.

Sadie's followers wasted no time in showing her some love in response to her post. More than 104,000 likes and 850 comments poured in only 20 minutes after she had shared the update.

"I hope you start feeling much better soon! Take care of that baby bean," one fan commented.

"You're such a wonderful woman, and I'm so glad you're okay," another noted.

"So glad you, baby Huff and the rest of the family is okay!!" commented a follower.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry you experienced this.... please hang in there, and stay safe," someone else shared.

Right after Sadie revealed her pregnancy, she shared a throwback snap from the day she and Christian learned the news. That was essentially her first bump photo, although it seemed too soon to really notice much of anything.

She hadn't really detailed too much in terms of pregnancy updates since then, and now her fans know why. The Duck Dynasty personality said that she will share more later in the week on her podcast.