Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Halloween Brings Spooky Developments To Port Charles

James Patrick Stuart films as Valentin on 'General Hospital'
XJ Johnson / ABC

A new General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter on Monday morning gave viewers a hint of what’s coming up during the week of October 26. Spoilers have suggested that there could be one or two surprise appearances ahead that will rattle people in Port Charles, and this new clip shares a few additional tidbits.

General Hospital teasers detail that Epiphany, Franco, and others will gather for some Halloween fun. Franco will be in big trouble with Epiphany after apparently taking the last chocolate bar, and the teens will have some fun at Charlie’s Pub before heading off to a party.

The preview showed someone dressed as Darth Vader standing behind Trina at the pub. General Hospital spoilers have noted that Julian will notice a masked figure following the teens, and it seems it could be this person. Could it be Taggert back to watch over his daughter?

Valentin will pay Jackie a visit, and it looks as if this could be an interesting encounter. Have these two met before? That seems to be the insinuation in the General Hospital preview and everybody will learn the answer soon.

According to Soap Central, Valentin will develop a bold plan of some nature. He recently hit the sheets with Brook Lynn, but Nina still holds a big piece of his heart. General Hospital teasers note that she’ll rebuff him once more this week, and sometime soon he’ll face a surprise.

General Hospital fans will see Jason looking determined and pursuing a plan, which is probably connected to Cyrus. In addition, everybody will see another round of tension building between Ava and Nikolas as they try to decide what comes next in their marriage.

Maxie will be celebrating her birthday, which falls on Halloween, and Spinelli will be on hand for the event. Peter gets an upsetting phone call in the midst of this, and the General Hospital preview suggests that his reaction will not go unnoticed by Spinelli.

Apparently, Spinelli will point out that Peter seems to have seen a ghost. Does this mean that the phone call is from someone he thought was out of his life and no longer a potential problem?

The call could be connected to Anna’s twin sister Alex, who is expected to cause a fresh round of chaos soon. It could also be about Dante’s mission to expose Peter, or something even wilder that could lead to his numerous evil deeds finally being exposed.

Both Lulu and Anna will ask Kevin for help on various issues and Julian will be scrambling. Chase will pick up on Sasha’s increasingly odd behavior and General Hospital viewers will see Carly leaning on Jax again.

Will General Hospital fans be shocked by any of the Halloween developments coming up during the next few episodes? Spoilers hint that there could be some juicy twists on the way and viewers won’t want to miss a minute of what’s ahead.