Google Searches For 'Can I Change My Vote' Reportedly Surge After Alleged Hunter Biden Sex Tapes

Google searches for "can I change my vote" spiked on Sunday in the wake of the release of sex tapes that purportedly belong to Hunter Biden, The Gateway Pundit reported.

As noted by the publication, Google Trends indexes searches on a scale of 1 to 100, with a value of 100 representing the term or phrase's peak possible popularity, and 50 representing half this popularity. Each number is representative of search interest relative to the highest popularity on the chart for a selected time and region.

Per The Gateway Pundit, the states of Utah, Idaho, and Pennsylvania topped the pack for the highest number of searches for the phrase "can I change my vote." Afterward came New Mexico, Michigan, Arizona, Missouri, Nevada, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

At the same time, "Hunter Biden China" also trended to a similar - although slightly lesser - degree.

"Interest in people changing their votes surged just before 11 p.m., as Hunter Biden's laptop contents began to go viral," the report read. "They included sex tapes, elicit photos, footage of him smoking crack with what appears to be prostitutes, and more."

Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and Connecticut allow individuals to alter their votes after early voting.

In addition to the sex tapes, a new batch of emails was released that suggested Hunter Biden's father, Joe Biden, might have been involved in corruption.

The report also noted that searches for "can I change my vote" also surged after the final presidential debate.

Vice-President Joe Biden and sons Hunter Biden (L) and Beau Biden walk in the Inaugural Parade January 20, 2009 in Washington, DC.
Getty Images | David McNew

As The Inquisitr reported, the tapes were posted to a Chinese digital platform that is a subsidiary of GTV Media Group, which was founded in April by Steve Bannon, who formerly worked as a top strategist in Donald Trump's administration, and Chinese billionaire Guo Wengu. However, it's unclear if the pair had any involvement in the release of the tapes.

Per The Daily Mail, the release of the tapes comes as Donald Trump continues his attacks on Hunter Biden in an attempt to sabotage his opponent, Joe Biden, who continues to lead him in national polling.

"Last week Bannon claimed that everything found on Hunter Biden's alleged laptop is true claiming the e-mails are proof of deep financial ties between the Bidens and the Chinese Communist Party," the report claimed.

As the publication noted, the footage has been censored on Reddit, and there is thus far no confirmation on the legitimacy of the footage.

Joe Biden has slammed the attacks on his son as part of a smear campaign and claimed he is not taking aim at Trump's sons because he believes it's a crass strategy.