Bru Luccas Sizzles Wearing Revealing Cocktail Dress And Carrying Luscious Red Roses

Bru Luccas snaps a selfie.
Bru Luccas / Instagram

Bru Luccas dazzled her 3.5 million Instagram followers with her most recent update on Sunday evening, in which the fitness model had an elegant appearance that was slightly dressier than the seductively skimpy bikinis she is frequently pictured wearing on her social media account.

Over 17,000 fans liked the video clip in the first few hours after it was uploaded.

Bru wore a short, black cocktail dress with spaghetti straps and a revealing slit up one side which was cut to the very top of her thigh. The garment featured a lightweight fabric that draped alluringly across her ample bust, dipping down in the center of her cleavage.

Her breasts jiggled alluringly as she walked toward the camera. The soft material clung diagonally across her torso, which emphasized her slim waist in comparison to the swell of her voluptuous hips below.

Bru finished off the outfit with a pair of black stiletto heels with narrow straps around her ankles and across her toes.

She also accessorized with a gold-colored pendant on a delicate chain around her neck.

Bru appeared to be walking through the elegant lobby of a hotel in the slow-motion clip. She began from far across the room and sauntered slowly toward the camera with a sultry expression on her face. She looked to the left for an instant and then flashed a wide smile back at the viewer.

Bru carried a round black box with a white base that was filled with 35 bright crimson roses. The name of the flower company, which she tagged in the caption, was embossed in gold across the front of the container.

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Bru’s followers loved the post and flooded the comments section with adoration for the gorgeous brunette.

“So beautiful!!” exclaimed one supporter, adding a heart emoji at the end.

“Wowwww,” wrote a second person.

Earlier this month, Bru impressed fans with another sexy Instagram post, as reported by The Inquisitr, in which the curvy stunner went hiking in the gorgeous Arizona desert outside of Sedona.

In that upload, she wore a skimpy bikini with hiking boots and traipsed down a dirt path, toward the edge of a mountain cliff. She motioned for the videographer to follow behind as she approached the end of the trail. Bru spread her arms out to either side and tipped her face to the sky, then approached the dramatic dropdown. She peered downward and blew a kiss at the camera.