Jennifer Garner, 48, Sparks Pregnancy Rumors While Holding A Pumpkin On Instagram

Jennifer Garner accidentally sparked some unnecessary rumors on her Instagram feed that required intervention. On October 25, the Alias alum posted a Halloween-themed photo of herself holding a freshly carved jack-0'-lantern that had some of her followers asking a big question in the comments section. Sitting on the floor, Jennifer wore her hair up in a messy bun as she sported a white T-shirt and jeans, with pumpkin mess in front of her from carving. All the buzz sparked when she held a pumpkin that had a square cut out of it, showing off an even smaller pumpkin sitting inside it. The little pumpkin was smiling, as was Jennifer, and her caption made everything worse.

The 48-year-old said that she and her jack-o'-lantern "shared a vibe," which many assumed meant she was expecting. Her own pumpkin looked like it was pregnant, and since she suggested that they had something in common, her followers began buzzing.

"I thought this was a pregnancy announcement for a hot second," one user wrote.

"Wait....are you pregnant or is this something from back when someone posted a pic and thought you were but it was quarantine weight?! Please say you are!!!" another added.

"Umm does that mean there is a little Jennifer behind that pumpkin?" a third follower asked.

The gossip was shut down rather quickly by the actress who noticed the trend beginning in the comments section. Jennifer hopped back online and responded to one of the fans, setting the record straight.

"STILL NOT HAVING MORE BABIES," Jennifer wrote with several of the wise monkeys emoji. "Good grief, i didn't even see it, i just saw matching smiles."

So no, Jennifer is not pregnant. Instead, she was going for a quarantine-themed pumpkin who was staying indoors in their house, as the gourd also had windows carved into it on the sides.

This is the second time she has had to end the discussion of a possible pregnancy on Instagram in two months. Just last month, she shared a short video in which she sported overalls that many thought made her look like she was expecting. She corrected those who guessed she was adding another little one to her family by letting them know she already had three children and that was enough.

"Have I gained the COVID 19? Possibly, but that's another story," she wrote after admitting to putting on some quarantine weight.

Other posts the mother-of-three has shared suggest she has not put on weight during the pandemic, as she has been spotted looking fitter than ever.

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past star will have to consider her captions a little more carefully moving forward to prevent her commenters from starting unnecessary rumors. No matter how many times she might shut the conversation down, there will always be ways for it to come back up.