Lyna Perez Shows Off Her Peachy Posterior In Silver Thong Panties

Lyna Perez shared a stunning new Instagram post with her 5.6 million followers on Sunday. In her caption, she noted that she rarely posts on Sundays. This week, however, she decided to make an exception and her fans were glad she did.

This new photo featured Lyna standing outside on a patio. She was positioned facing the sliding glass door with her back to the camera. She gently placed her hands on her upper thighs and twisted her torso to look over her shoulder toward the camera.

The 27-year-old beauty had her brunette tresses styled with a center part. She left a few wisps free to frame her face while pulling the rest of her hair back and fastened behind her head. Loose, wavy locks tumbled down her back.

Lyna wore a matching bra and panty set that seemed to be a metallic silver with deep blue undertones. A clasp could be seen in the back along with crisscrossing straps, and a hint of her busty assets could be seen from the angle in which she stood.

The waistband of the thong panties sat high on Lyna's hips and accentuated her slim waist. Her curvy derriere was on full display and her hourglass figure looked absolutely stunning.

This stance has become something of a trademark pose for Lyna, and her fans never tire of it. In just the first hour after sharing the photo, the shot already had about 44,000 likes and 1,400 comments.

"You are a diamond!!! Love u," one fan wrote.

"God bless you gorgeous omg so flawless," another raved.

"Literally my all time fav post notification and the BEST freakin' person in it," detailed a follower.

"Thank God for blessing us with this beauty," someone else noted.

It may be unusual for Lyna to post anything on her Instagram page on Sundays, but it's nothing out of the ordinary to see her wearing an ensemble like this one. It's quite clear that she knows how titillating she looks in a bra and panty set or a revealing bikini. Almost immediately, her followers reinforced their love for this style in their reaction to this snap.

In fact, Lyna escalated that somewhat typical type of outfit she loves into something especially alluring for a Bang Energy video earlier in the week. She transformed sexy ensembles into jaw-dropping Halloween costumes that sent her followers into a frenzy.

The Miami model's look was back to something more typical for Sunday. It was still plenty sexy and her millions of followers made sure she knew how much they appreciated this bonus snapshot.