Carmen Electra, 48, Flaunts Curvaceous Bust And Long Legs While Sunning Herself In Skimpy Swimsuit

Carmen Electra struck a sultry pose in her Instagram update on Sunday morning, thrilling her 1.2 million followers. The gorgeous actress sunned herself at the edge of a swimming pool while wearing a revealing bathing suit. Over 300 fans hit the "like" button in the first minute after the post was uploaded, and over 3,000 fans had done the same at the 15 minute mark.

Carmen posed sitting with her shoulders thrown back and her left side facing the camera. One arm was extended behind her and she leaned back, resting her weight on her palm, which displayed a small tattoo on her wrist.

The angle of her body showed off an enticing amount of her bust in the low-cut yellow swimwear, which featured a V-shaped neckline that revealed most of her right breast and the shadow of her cleavage. The section on the outside was also unusually scant, and exposed the bare outer curve of her other breast.

She tipped her head back and pointed her chin into the air, which emphasized her jawline and slender neck. Her long, golden tresses spilled in tousled waves across her shoulders and almost to her rear end.

Carmen's face and decolletage were kissed by a beautifully diffused light that shined through a thick wall of trees behind her. A highlight ran down the top of the thigh furthest from the camera. Her knees were bent, with one slightly higher than the other, and she placed her ankles together and pointed her toes. She also draped her right hand over her shin.

The swimming pool next to her had a dark blue lining that resembled small stones and created the same hue in the water it contained. A collection of larger rocks created what was seemingly a trickling fountain that was visible one the other side of the structure. The yard was lined with a secure wooden fence and an array of full, leafy trees to create privacy.

Barely visible behind her cascading mane of hair was a well-built gentleman wearing a tight pair of swim trunks who appeared to be cleaning her pool.

A few weeks ago, The Inquisitr reported on an Instagram post featuring an impressive throwback photo from Carmen's Baywatch rookie training days. The limber former dancer held one of her legs straight in the air, nearly parallel with her upper body, to the obvious shock of close observers.

She wore a matching crop top and short-shorts from Adidas that exposed her abdominal muscles.