Tom Bergeron Reveals If He’d Ever Be A Contestant On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

The longtime host of the celebrity ballroom competition didn't mince words when asked if he'd ever compete on his former show.

Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews on Dancing With the Stars.
Eric McCandless / ABC

The longtime host of the celebrity ballroom competition didn't mince words when asked if he'd ever compete on his former show.

Tom Bergeron says he would never want to be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

In a new interview, the longtime host of the ABC celebrity ballroom competition opened up about the highs and lows of his 28-season reign on the series, and made it clear that his dancing days are done.

In an interview on The Stuttering John Podcast with John Melendez, Bergeron was asked if he would ever consider being a contestant on Dancing With The Stars after hosting the show for 28 seasons.

“Oh sh*t no,” he said. “We’re done … that train has left the station.”

When asked if he missed being a part of the long-running competition, the Emmy-winning host admitted he did not.

“No, because it started changing early in 2018. There were staff changes, philosophical changes…I’m kind of digging the time off.”

Bergeron also revealed that after he was fired from DWTS and replaced with Tyra Banks, some of the pro dancers reached out to him and said they weren’t sure if they wanted to continue on the show without him. He told his supportive colleagues that they were still young and “building a brand” and should not worry about “old” him.

The gracious TV host said he wishes Dancing With The Stars nothing but success because so many people he cares about still work there and he wants them to have long careers on the series.

While he has no interest in competing on DWTS, Bergeron had fun looking back on the performances of past contestants. When asked who he thought was the worst celebrity dancer ever to compete on the series, he didn’t hesitate to come up with a name.

“Kenny Mayne,” he said.

As for why he felt the Season 2 contestant was the worst, Bergeron noted that he once “reffed” his own dance after forgetting his steps.

“I really like [Kenny Mayne]. I’m very fond of him. But wow. He actually waved off a [dance] move.”

Bergeron also agreed that comedian Jeff Ross left a lot to be desired on the dance floor, but that he enjoyed his “roasts” during the results shows.

As for his future plans, Bergeron joked that he’s finding it easy to be “lazy” and that he’s not actively looking for a full-time, five-days-a-week job.

“I’m 65, I’ve got some money in the bank… I’m enjoying my life,” he said.

Fans were outraged in July when it was announced that Bergeron was replaced by Banks as the emcee for the Emmy-winning competition. He noted that while the show’s higher ratings can be contributed in part to the “curiosity factor” with the new format, he noted that the true ratings test will come as DWTS tries to hold its own against The Voice, which premiered its 19th season last week on NBC.