Qimmah Russo Smacks Her Voluptuous Booty Wearing Skintight Pants In Instagram Video

Qimmah Russo attends the PrettyLittleThing x Karl Kani event.
David Livingston / Getty Images

Fitness trainer and Instagram sensation Qimmah Russo thrilled her 1.6 million social media followers with her most recent share on Saturday evening. She wore a clingy pair of vinyl pants combined with a lacy bralette that left little to the imagination. She flaunted both sides of her impressive physique in the short video clip, which was viewed almost 13,000 times in the first half-hour after it went live.

Qimmah credited the popular brand Fashion Nova for the tempting attire, both in the caption and during the clip. The pants were a deep wine color and resembled in design a standard pair of slim-cut jeans — zipper fly with a single button closure, large square pockets in the back, a series of belt loops — but the material with which they were constructed was seemingly a stretchy, shiny vinyl that reflected the overhead light.

The garment was also embellished with two additional sets of decorative silver zippers across her pelvis and running up her insanely muscular thighs.

Qimmah began the video in a doorway of a kitchen, taking small steps forward, and rested one hand against the wall next to her. She flashed a big smile and quickly altered her position to show off her curvaceous derriere to the camera with her legs spread wide apart and her back arched.

She turned her head to gaze over her left shoulder, flipping her long, curly hair behind her back, and pouted her lips for a brief moment.

She positioned herself and then loudly declared, “Fashion Nova jeans….” trailing off for a moment before whispering dramatically, “WHAT!” while slapping both cheeks with her open palms.

Almost immediately, Qimmah broke form and turned back toward the viewer, sliding her hands to the front of her body.

“Wha- are these called jeans? I don’t even know what they’re called,” she grinned as she asked someone off-camera.

“Jeggings?” they suggested hesitantly.

The rest of the clip continued with humorous, partially unintelligible chatter about the official title of the piece of clothing she wore. Qimmah shifted her weight from foot to foot, shaking her tantalizing assets for the camera before coquettishly tossing her hair again and sauntering sexily into the other room.

As covered by The Inquisitr yesterday, Qimmah recently awed her Instagram supporters with an incredible performance of her strength and determination. The fitness powerhouse joined forces with American Ninja Warrior contestant Eric Small in a Hollywood Hills gym and deadlifted the 185-pound muscle-bound man multiple times while he was suspended several feet off the floor in a perfect plank position.