Jessie James Decker Straddles Husband Eric On The Beach In Recent Instagram Share

Jessie James Decker arrives at the 2017 Billboard Country Power Players
Jason Davis / Getty Images

Jessie James Decker sweetly wished her 3.3 million Instagram followers a lovely Saturday evening in her most recent update, which pictured the country music artist and her husband, former NFL wide receiver Eric Decker, in a romantic sunset snap that might have been mistaken for the cover of a romance novel.

The lovebirds posed at the water’s edge in the golden glow of early evening light. The angle of the waning sunshine turned the ocean water the same neutral tan-pink color as the wet sand that lined the mellow waves. The line of deep sea on the distant horizon appeared dark gray, but the clear sky above matched the rest of the background.

Eric wore a pair of straight leg cotton joggers in a chocolate brown, leaving his muscular chest and arms uncovered. He sat flat on the sand, facing the water, with both arms extended behind him and his weight resting on his palms. His legs were spread a few feet apart from one another; one straight in front of him, the other knee slightly bent.

Jessie faced Eric and straddled him with one knee of either side of the thigh closest to the camera. She sat up on her shins enough to elevate her body so that her bust was level with his face.

Jessie clutched the back of his head with her left hand, fingers entwining in his dark hair, and pushed his face into her chest. Her head was thrown back and her mouth opened with seemingly hearty laughter. Her eyes were closed and her golden tresses streamed halfway down her back in loose, casual waves.

She wore a beautifully draping dress featuring a billowing navy fabric. It had long, wide sleeves with gathered wrists and an open neckline that had slipped off one shoulder and appeared to leave her decolletage and bust exposed.

A cream-colored belt was cinched around her slender waist. The hem of the long skirt reached to her right ankle, but had an extremely revealing slit in the front, which Jessie pulled open to display the other long, lean leg from thigh to pointed toe.

As reported by The Inquisitr just a few months ago, Jessie thrilled fans with a flirty share in which she wore a skimpy mini dress that clung to her fit physique while snacking on a taco.

She had already taken a bite or two when the image was snapped, and was captured licking a few of her fingertips with a grin on her face.