Yaslen Clemente Kneels In The Sand Wearing Thong Bikini In Latest Share

Fitness and Instagram model Yaslen Clemente shared a pair of racy snaps with her 2.3 million followers on Saturday evening, delighting them with her provocative pose and barely-there bikini.

Almost 11,000 supporters hit the like button in less than half an hour after the post was uploaded, and many made their way to the comments section to praise her sultry appearance.

Yaslen's geotag indicated the beach on which she posed was in the popular city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and she asked fans in the caption to suggest her next travel destination.

Several people suggested their own hometowns and requested a visit from the fit social media celebrity.

"Bahamas or Cyprus," remarked one fan, keeping with the beachy vacation theme.

"I will take you around the world. Let's go," offered a second person.

"WOW You Look Crazy Stunning!! Gorgeous!" gushed a third follower.

"is that a bite mark on her butt?" teasingly inquired a fourth fan, referring to the faint asymmetrical birthmark on one cheek, which several other supporters seemed to find very sexy.

She also tagged her own swimsuit line, Bikinis by Yas.

Yaslen's bikini was a pale pink color that looked stunning against her tanned skin. The top featured a bandeau design with loose, slightly gathered fabric encircling her rib cage.

A glimpse of a section of material seen below her elbow indicated that the front had a tied embellishment of some sort.

The matching bottoms were comparatively very skimpy in the back and left most of her enticing rear end completely bare. A small triangle of fabric rested against the small of her back and was connected to sets of spaghetti straps tied in bows high over her hips.

The long strings were twisted and grazed the curve of her upper left thigh, which was closest to the camera.

Yaslen posed with her famous backside facing the camera and angled somewhat to the left in order to show off some of her sculpted thigh. She rested on her shins with her knees spread wide apart, nearly sitting on the bottoms of her sandy bare feet.

She turned her head sharply to look over one shoulder, gazing at the camera with bedroom eyes and an almost imperceptible smile while toying with a few tendrils of her curly hair.

Pale light from an early evening sunset traced her muscular upper back and the outside of her derriere.

In the second image, which appeared to have been taken a few minutes prior to the first, Yaslen used two hands to pull her hair up off her neck into a bunch at the top of her head.