Danica McKellar Gets Soaking Wet In A Bathtub For A ‘Magic’ Video

Danica dunked her head underneath the water to show her fans a fun trick.

Danica McKellar attends Hallmark Channel And Hallmark Movies And Mysteries 2019 Winter TCA Tour
Rachel Luna / Getty Images

Danica dunked her head underneath the water to show her fans a fun trick.

Danica McKellar delighted her Instagram followers on Saturday by showing them a fun social media magic trick that required her to hop in a bathtub and get soaking wet.

The Wonder Years star was already in a tub full of water when her video began, and she was submerged up the chest. She wore a white off-the-shoulder bathing suit with a large ruffle around the top. The garment featured a bold floral print with fuchsia blossoms and dark green leaves. Danica, 45, was totally drenched. Her flawless skin glistened, and her dark, dripping hair was slicked back.

The actress gave the camera a little wave by waggling her fingers. She also flashed her stunning smile at her viewers and raised her eyebrows in a playful manner. Danica then revealed why she described her upload as “magic.” She moved back from the side of the tub, tilted her chin up, and dunked her head underwater. She blew a few bubbles before slowly lifting her head back up. As she did, her hair, skin, and swimsuit appeared to magically become dry. Her glossy tresses were perfectly curled when her head was completely out of the water. She concluded her performance by giving her viewers a teasing little wink.

The math whiz made her creation seem even more whimsical with the addition of a snippet of dreamy music by composer Danny Elfman. The piece Danica chose was “Ice Dance” from the soundtrack for the 1990 Tim Burton movie Edward Scissorhands.

Danica simply played her bathtub footage in reverse to achieve her magical results, but her Instagram followers were impressed with the creative way that she used the popular social media trick.

“Such a simple yet vividly creative video!” wrote one fan in the comments section of her post.

“That took perfect timing! Beautiful!” read another rave review of her performance.

“So beautiful and cool!! You come up with the best stuff!!” a third admirer commented.

“This is the content we need daily. Wholesome and adorable,” read a fourth message.

Danica’s creation also amassed over 17,000 likes during the first four hours it was live on her Instagram page, and many of her fans used heart emoji to let her know how much they loved her post.

Fans of the actress will soon get to see her spreading some holiday magic. As reported by The Inquisitr, she recently created a fun transition video to tease her upcoming movie Christmas She Wrote, which premieres December 6 on the Hallmark Channel. Danica demonstrated how she was playing it safe on the set of the film by wearing a clear face shield with her festive red mini dress.