Amanda Cerny Flaunts Her Curvy Backside As She Poses With New Pup Falco

Amanda Cerny took to Instagram on Friday, October 23, to tease her 25.4 million followers with a fun photograph. Cerny and her beau Johannes Bartl recently expanded their family by adding a dalmatian puppy to the mix, and Falco the Flirt was featured in this new snapshot.

The photo that Cerny shared showed her decked out in workout gear and standing with Falco in the yard. She suggested in her caption that she was working on training the puppy to do his business outside. As is often the case, she managed to mix humor with an opportunity to flaunt her fit physique, and the results were a major hit with her fans.

Cerny stood sideways as the snap was taken. She held Falco in both of her hands and raised him up high. He looked right at the camera, all four of his legs dangling, as Cerny herself looked over her shoulder toward the photographer.

She seemed to have a slight smile on her face, perhaps a smirk, as she squatted down low. She held the adorable dog up near her face and stuck her booty out as she bent her legs. Cerny squatted until her thighs were parallel with the grass below her, holding that position for a moment as the picture was taken.

While Cerny's clothing choices were perfect for a quick workout session, her footwear pick was a bit more unorthodox. She wore athletic socks with pink flip flops, a quirky touch that did not go unnoticed.

She had her long, brunette tresses pulled up into a high ponytail and she wore a skintight pair of navy leggings. The leggings had a white stripe down the side, and she finished off her casual look with a white workout top.

"Perfect form!" one fan teased of Cerny's position in the snap.

"There isn't a word in dictionary to describe how beautiful you are," another raved.

"Love the socks with sandals look. How do you make everything look good?" a follower joked.

"Looking very beautiful and very fit as always sweet @amandacerny," someone else praised.

This was a fairly tame photo in comparison to some of Cerny's other snaps. Quite a few of her recent posts have been sultry snapshots hyping her 2021 calendar, and nearly all of those have garnered 1 million likes or more.

Even with a less risque shot, this recent upload certainly seemed to generate a lot of love. More than 885,000 likes and 2,600 comments poured in from the social media starlet's fans over the course of about 18 hours. Adding the pup into the mix seemed to be a winning plan, and it's likely everybody can look forward to seeing even more of him in upcoming posts.