Bri Teresi Seductively Tugs Her Lace Panties Down While Posing In The Woods

Bri Teresi poses for a photo.
Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

Fitness trainer and Instagram model Bri Teresi took to her social media page on Saturday afternoon with a racy snap that dropped the jaws of her 1.1 million followers. The buxom blonde wore a skimpy lingerie set and posed against the sunny backdrop of pine tree-covered mountains.

Bri geotagged her location in Lake Tahoe, which is between the border of Nevada and California, where she resides. She teased in the caption that she always dresses that way when she goes hiking. Over 2,300 supporters liked the suggestive post in the first half-hour after it was uploaded, including fellow model Khloe Terae.

She wore a matching underwire bra and tiny panties in a dusty rose shade that looked stunning against her tanned complexion. The ensemble featured lace with a wide floral pattern with small, light pink embellishments along the top edges of the cups.

Her voluptuous bust was pushed up and together by the structured bra, which emphasized the depth of her cleavage. A small glimmer of metal in the center suggested that the garment fastened together in the front.

The bottoms had narrow straps on either side, which Bri pulled down past her hips and to her upper thigh on the left. The pose exposed her bare skin from just below her breasts all the way down to the top of her pelvis. A faint tan line across her hip gave indication of the many bikinis she has worn during the summer months. Her abdominal muscles appeared toned and taut.

Bright sunshine streamed through the trees from her left side, and highlighted the hourglass curves of her waist and hips, as well as one side of her face.

Bri stood with her weight balanced on one leg, with the other knee slightly bent and crossed in front. She was barefoot, and she pointed her toes into the grass below. The camera was positioned close to the ground for the shot, and was angled up toward Bri to accentuate her long, lean figure.

She credited California-based photographer Jeremy Lee for the image.

Bri’s Instagram fans loved the post and flooded the comments section with adoration for her sultry appearance and cheeky caption.

“Might as well.., it’s more aerodynamic…” retorted one fan.

“So gorgeous. Were you born beautiful?” inquired a second person.

“Ummmmm…..Bri, I think you are lying. Are those pants on fire again? That’s the real reason you took them off and pranced around the woods in your underwear,” mused a third follower, who added a flame and a laughing-crying emoji at the end.