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CNN Reportedly Warns Guests And Staff They Must Wear Pants After Jeffrey Toobin Caught Touching Himself

Kristine Lofgren - Author

Oct. 24 2020, Updated 2:12 p.m. ET

After legal contributor Jeffrey Toobin was reportedly caught masturbating during a work-related Zoom meeting, CNN is apparently putting a new rule in place that requires employees to wear pants while working.

As OK! Magazine reported, CNN has its own internal video communication system called Cisco Webex, which is similar to Zoom. Everyone has been warned to use the tool through Google Chrome.

“Everyone appearing on CNN gets a link and instructions about what is appropriate and what is not from a producer before they go live,” a source revealed. “The control room at headquarters controls all the feeds and have been warned to look out for any inappropriate behavior and to cut off the feed immediately if they see anyone touching themselves.”

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In the past, once a guest was booked, they would get a quick briefing over the content of the upcoming segment, including questions that might come up and any analysis. On top of that, producers are apparently now being forced to add more instructions.

“Producers are also having to brief guests on what they should wear, how they should be lit, what makes a good backdrop at home and now making it clear that wearing pants [is] essential,” the insider said.

“Internally at CNN it is been called ‘The Toobin Rule,'” they added.

They explained that the incident isn’t being treated as a deal-breaker at the network, however. Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo have both laughed about the situation and many people have expressed support for Toobin.

They apparently wrote it off as a mistake that many people make, particularly since most Americans aren’t used to having cameras in their homes. The legal analyst would likely return to the network, they suggested, but “with his hands on the desk so everyone can see them,” the source joked.

The changes are coming about after Toobin was reportedly on a call with other employees over the plan for election night coverage.

As the call proceeded, he switched to another screen, which apparently involved phone sex. He admitted later to making a mistake because he thought he was off-camera. He issued an apology to his family, friends, and co-workers, saying that he thought he had muted the work call.

He was put on hiatus by The New Yorker after the incident, and he has been silent on social media. In the wake of the event, he was roasted on Twitter, with the hashtag “MeToobin” trending, as The Inquisitr previously reported.


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