‘The Conners’ Fans Freak Out Over New Promo For Pandemic-Themed Halloween Episode

The spinoff continues the October tradition started by 'Roseanne' more than 30 years ago.

'The Conners' stars Jay R Ferguson and Laurie Metcalf in the 2020 Halloween episode.
Eric McCandless / ABC

The spinoff continues the October tradition started by 'Roseanne' more than 30 years ago.

The Conners fans are reacting to a new promo for the upcoming Halloween episode of the ABC sitcom.

In a newly released teaser for the episode “Halloween and The Election vs. The Pandemic,” which was shared on the official Conners Instagram page, the sitcom clan is seen getting ready for a very unconventional holiday celebration amid the global health crisis.

Teased as “a classic Conners Halloween perfect for 2020,” the clip starts with patriarch Dan (John Goodman) lamenting over the fact that the pandemic, the presidential election, and Halloween are all happening at once.

‘Throw in five dumb teenagers in a cabin you’ve got yourself a horror movie,” he quipped.

Later in the clip, Jackie spoke in her best witch voice.

“Get ready to trick or treat, COVID style,” she said.

An announcer then told viewers this fright-fest will be coming from “inside the house.” A costumed Jackie followed that up by delivering the biggest horror of all when she spoke to unsuspecting trick or treaters.

‘This door…is a bathroom used by six people,” she informed them.

The episode, which also marks the directorial debut of Michael Fishman — DJ Conner on the series — has all of the makings of a classic Roseanne Halloween extravaganza but with a timely pandemic twist.

It’s no surprise that fans chimed in with a mix of comments after viewing the promo. While some viewers said they always look forward to the Halloween episodes on the sitcom, others said it’s just not the same without Roseanne Barr, whose matriarch character was killed off of the series two years ago.


“It reminds me of the classic Halloween episodes! I’m looking forward to it! ” added another.

“It better be good, Roseanne’s Halloweens are EPIC!” a third commenter wrote.

“Roseanne was the heart of Halloween in that family,” noted a fourth person.

Others complained that the show has gotten too political. When one commenter pointed out that the series dealt with political topics even when Roseanne was on it, others said the old show didn’t push an “agenda” in the way the spinoff series does.

Just like Roseanne, which celebrated Halloween on all but the first season of its long run, The Conners has paid homage to the October holiday in all three of its seasons. The show’s inaugural season featured ‘There Won’t Be Blood” and last fall’s installment was titled “Nightmare on Lunch Box Street.”