‘This Is Us’ Fans React As Kevin Gives Kate Shocking News In Season 5 Sneak Peek

A pregnancy and a pandemic mark a change of course for the NBC drama this season.

Chrissy Metz in a scene from This Is Us

A pregnancy and a pandemic mark a change of course for the NBC drama this season.

This Is Us fans have mixed reactions to a sneak peek scene from the upcoming Season 5 premiere of the NBC drama.

In a clip shared to the official This Is Us Instagram page, viewers got a first look at Kevin (Justin Hartley) showing up at his sister Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) house with a face mask and some big news.

In the preview for the episode, titled “Forty: Part 1,” Kate and her husband, Toby (Chris Sullivan), made Kevin back up into their yard, then joined him out front to hear his announcement.

Toby joked by asking his actor brother-in-law if he landed a role as the new Batman, or if he was starting his own tequila brand. He then jokingly asked Kevin if he knocked somebody up, which signaled Kevin to call out to his partner, Madison (Caitlin Thompson), from his waiting car.

The duo’s reaction was priceless after Madison announced that she’s pregnant with twins. While it took Kate a minute to process the fact that her best friend was carrying her brother’s babies, once she did react, it was priceless. Even next-door neighbor Gregory (Timothy Omundson) chimed in with congratulations as the group went in for a COVID-era air hug.

Fans of the show hit the comments section to react to the premiere preview, with some admitting they are not sure how to feel about the scene. Some were annoyed that Kevin is having a child with his one-night stand, Madison, and not his childhood sweetheart, Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge).

“Not happy over here. It’s supposed to be Sophie,” wrote one viewer.

Others were upset the coronavirus pandemic will be part of the present-day storylines.

“Could we just NOT have done the mask/air hug BS?” one fan asked.

“I just wish they wouldn’t incorporate Covid-19 into the show…. we’re already having to deal with it in real life, I watch tv to forget about real life, it’s a nice break. So now it’s in real life AND tv, ugh! ” added another.

Still others weren’t buying Kate’s happy reaction to her brother’s baby news with her friend whom he’s not in love with.

“This is a dream & Kate flips the F out,” one viewer predicted.

Others loved the feel-good scene, with some noting that in future flash-forwards on the show there is no mask-wearing.

In addition to the pregnancy storyline, the This Is Us premiere will kick off with the Pearson’s celebrating another milestone — The Big Three’s 40th birthday.