Vanessa Hudgens Shakes Her Stuff To 'Monster Mash' In Spooky Instagram Video

Vanessa Hudgens rocked out to a Halloween classic in her latest Instagram reel. The actress shared a video of herself grooving to the 1962 cult classic song "Monster Mash" with a filter that transformed her into a monster.

In the beginning, Hudgens moved her head to show off the blue skin tone the filter gave her. She gave a slight wave, then covered the camera with her hand. When she pulled it away, she revealed a second look -- an overlay that made her look like a yellow creature. Hudgens stood and began dancing, grooving to the Halloween classic. The video can be seen here.

In the caption, Hudgens wrote that she wanted to recreate the first look with makeup. The post was a hit with her followers, and many commented that they hoped she would follow through with the monster makeup look.

"I feel like we can actually make u look like that with makeup! Shall we try???" one commented.

"This is so perfect," another added.

One fan commented that the video gave them "Tim Burton vibes," which was likely a high compliment for the singer.

As The Inquisitr reported, Hudgens has really gotten into the Halloween spirit, sharing a number of spooky posts and showing off costumes for her fans. Though Friday's post used a filter to achieve the creepy look, the actress has worn some incredible makeup for other recent updates. Earlier this month, she channeled the iconic Elvira character, donned a cabaret-inspired look, and shared a video in which she danced to a song from Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas while wearing a sports bra and green hair.

Vanessa Hudgens poses at a Halloween event.
Getty Images | Rich Polk

As those following her Instagram page already know, Hudgens loves dressing up for the spooky season and has even gotten some viral attention for her past outfits. She shares plenty of costumed pictures around October every year, and even dressed in a witch-inspired dress with dark makeup for a Friday the 13th celebration earlier this year, sharing the snaps with fans. Hollywood Life dubbed her the "queen of Halloween" and pointed out that she's been getting praise for extravagant costumes for years now.

"Meanwhile, in honor of the 25th anniversary of Hocus Pocus in 2018, Vanessa co-hosted a special alongside Jordan Fisher," the report noted. "Vanessa dazzled in an extravagant and very spooky look for the occasion. The actress took the stage in a head-to-toe latex bodysuit with massive peacock wings."