‘Big Brother’ Star Enzo Palumbo Caught With His Hand In His Pants, Touching Food, And Putting It Back

Enzo Palumbo sits in the Big Brother hosue

Another day, another disgusting incident caught on the live feed cameras in the Big Brother All-Stars house. The stars of the hit CBS competition series are well aware that they are being recorded 24 hours a day by dozens of cameras, but after they’ve lived in the house for so long, they start to get used to them. Conservative behavior goes out the window, and occasionally something a little cringeworthy will be spotted by a live feeds viewer.

That was the case recently for finalist Enzo Palumbo. The “Meow Meow” has caused waves on Reddit after he was caught on camera with his hands in his pants, looking like he was touching his private parts. This isn’t something super unusual to see, but it’s what he did after that’s causing some viewers to gag. Enzo walked into the kitchen with his sunglasses and flat-billed hat on while appearing to look for something to satisfy him. He stopped by one of the counters and stood still while he had his left hand down his pants.

While it’s not clear if he was directly touching himself, Enzo’s hand was moving around a good bit underneath his clothes. He eventually removed his hand from his pants, walked around a little bit, and found a bag of cookies sitting on the counter. He opened the bag up, used his right hand to grab a few, but then passed them to his left hand. Enzo only ate one of the snacks that he pulled out and ended up putting the rest back into the package.

Enzo Palumbo competes in a POV competition

The post on Reddit sharing the video was titled “This is extremely gross,” and commenters began reacting to what they saw. Enzo had a few defenders who said most people do stuff like this without even realizing it.

“It’s hard for us to imagine ourselves on the other side of this but we all do things, probably without thinking, that we would be mortified if other people saw,” one user wrote.

Others remembered some other gross behaviors of houseguests past, including Holly Allen and Jackson Michie’s use of the famous shower stool, as well as Raven Walton and Matt Clines’ repurposed kitchen towel.

This is the second gross incident that was caught on camera this week after Nicole Franzel peed on the kitchen floor after not being able to control her laughter. The former winner was laughing at a prank Enzo was playing on Cody Calafiore, and she couldn’t contain herself. Nicole even admitted on Thursday night’s live episode that Enzo made her pee her pants, but camera footage showed she actually made a mess on the floor, causing her to grab paper towels and clean it up.