United States Sets Record For Coronavirus Cases Amid New Surge

Nathan Francis

The U.S. hit a record for coronavirus cases on Friday, reporting more than 82,000 new infections amid a surge that has been building over the month of October and could continue to rise.

As The New York Times reported, there were more new cases reported on October 23 than any other individual day since the start of the outbreak in the country more than half a year ago. The number had risen steadily in recent weeks, the report noted, with no signs that it would slow anytime soon.

Friday's record was more than 6,000 higher than the previous one-day mark, set in July amid a summer surge in coronavirus infections.

As The New York Times added, there could be more trouble ahead as experts predict an even sharper increase in the months to come as social distancing becomes more difficult in the winter.

The report added that coronavirus cases are on the rise in nearly every part of the country, with different regions experiencing differing phases.

"The latest outbreaks, tracked by The New York Times using reports from state and local health departments, are scattered across the country, in states like Illinois and Rhode Island, which are experiencing a second upswing, and in places like Montana and South Dakota, which are still enduring a first flood of cases."

The sharp rise has renewed talk of a nationwide mask mandate. As The Inquisitr reported, top White House expert Dr. Anthony Fauci had previously been resistant to endorse the idea of mandating that all Americans wear masks in public, but said if the coronavirus numbers continued to increase and people were still resistant to wearing them, then a nationwide move could be in order.

Other areas have seen similar rises, with many European countries reporting sharp increases and some taking measures to lock down regions to prevent it from spreading further.