‘General Hospital’ Executive Producer Frank Valentini Hints At Big Happenings In Port Charles Soon

'General Hospital' stars Maurice Benard and Steve Burton in promo pic.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

November sweeps are coming up quickly and it looks like big things will be happening on General Hospital during that time. The ABC soap’s executive producer, Frank Valentini, took to Twitter on Thursday to give fans a huge hint about what they can expect.

By the looks of it, Port Charles is about to have some sort of emergency, which will surely cause plenty of drama and chaos. Valentini posted a closeup photo of what appears to be an emergency vehicle with the words, “Port Charles Fire Department Paramedic.” That’s a strong indicator that there could be some sort of fire or explosion, which will rock the town and its residents.

A few characters on the show could be behind whatever chaos is coming and fans of General Hospital are now trying to figure out who will be involved and what will happen. Given the current storylines, Cyrus Renault is probably the most likely candidate, as many viewers have predicted. He’s basically taken over Port Charles and it seems like he doesn’t intend to back down anytime soon. It’s possible he might torch Charlie’s Pub since Julian Jerome won’t sell it to him.

There’s also a slight possibility that Alex could come back and cause a ruckus trying to get to her sister Anna, as one viewer mentioned on social media. Additionally, there have been rumors that Ryan Chamberlain will escape from Pentonville and seek his revenge.

The upcoming emergency could play into the story line with Dante Falconeri and Peter. Since he is being controlled by Liesl Obrecht, Dante could be dangerous. His previous actions reveal that a showdown between the two men could be at hand soon and Maxie and her unborn baby may be in danger.

Dante returned home a few days ago and his main focus, besides his family, is going after Peter August. As previously detailed by The Inquisitr on Monday’s episode of General Hospital, he will be confronting Maxie about her upcoming nuptials. In the previews, he tells her that he doesn’t think that it’s a good idea to marry Peter, which will certainly leave Maxie rattled and confused.

However, there have been several hints recently that Cyrus will be the one behind the drama. The mob war between him, Jason, and Sonny is heating up, and it could be deadly.

General Hospital fans are anxious to see what develops. Valentini may drop more hints leading up to the drama.